PA-Sen: Sestak Earns Support of Trivedi

SestakJoe Sestak’s got at least one endorsement up his sleeve.

Former Sixth District Congressional candidate Manan Trivedi announced his support for Sestak in an email to reporters Wednesday, calling Sestak the “most qualified candidate for the job.”

Sestak, who is the only declared Democratic candidate in the race so far, has not had the easiest time getting support from his party, particularly the leadership, who see him as difficult to work with. Both state and national Democrats have actively sought alternatives to Sestak, ranging from Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski to Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro.

In his email, Trivedi cited a recent newsletter from Vox reporter Matt Yglesias, who discusses the leadership’s issue with Sestak and takes a stance on the matter. Trivedi highlighted a section of Yglesias’ newsletter, calling it “pretty insightful.”

“Democratic leaders are pissed that Sestak screwed with their plans, and want to get someone reliable,” Yglesias wrote in the highlighted section. “It’d be easy for me to side with the leadership’s view of this if they had a great candidate in mind, but ideas like A County Commissioner Who Used to Be In The State Legislature aren’t exactly setting the world on fire.”

Trivedi was the Democratic nominee for the 6th Congressional District in 2010, 2012 and 2014, losing to his Republican challenger each time.

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4 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Sestak Earns Support of Trivedi”

  1. FreidasBoss says:

    Title of this article could have been “Person With Email List Endorses Sestak”.

  2. Game Changer says:

    This is a real game changer. There are no other three-time losing congressional candidates left to endorse.

    There’s no way Pawlowski can recover from this, unless Kerith Strano Taylor, Mark McCracken, Mary Balchunis, Mike Stack and Jo Ellen Litz come out to support the Allentown mayor.

    That would be a dream team of political clout.

  3. 13thDistrictDem says:

    Presumably Trivedi recognizes what it takes to get blown out in a swing-district in three consecutive races.

  4. Barricks Einwohner says:

    One way to keep your name out there between races.

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