PoliticsPA’s Morning Buzz: 12/13 Edition

This morning in the Buzz: Could Sen. Specter run for mayor of Philly? Joe Pitts’ abortion platform is profiled in the NY Times, Sen. Casey announced support for the President’s tax cut deal and former State Sen. Fumo is trying to get a new trial. Good Monday morning, stick with PoliticsPA for updates throughout the day.

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PoliticsPA’s Up & Down: 12/10 Edition

This week, we highlight the efforts of No Labels, who is trying to bring civility back to politics. The Montgomery County commissioners had a rough news cycle and it was a horrific week for Renee Tartaglione in the city of Philadelphia. In addition, Tom Corbett’s transition had a rough week in the press with some of the selections they made as top aides to the incoming administration and finally, we give a down to Rep. Fattah for failing to secure the endorsement of the CBC in his bid for ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee.

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Arlen Specter for Mayor?

A recent poll puts the five-term Senator in the lead in a hypothetical primary for Philly Mayor (though he has not signaled so much as a whisper of interest). Phil Heron of the Delco Daily Times has the story. Note: PoliticsPA was unable to locate any evidence that the polling firm, Apex Public Opinion Research, […]

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PoliticsPA’s Morning Buzz: 12/10 Edition

If you were putting together a dream team of political operatives in Pa., then you would want to use our list of the top political operatives. Sen. Casey is going to need all the operatives he can get because the rumor mill shows that Rep. Dent is seriously considering a challenge to the incumbent senator and the Post-Gazette takes the Pa. angle on the House Democratic Caucus rejecting the President’s tax cut deal. In addition, Gov. Rendell got Auditor General Jack Wagner’s approval for a smaller bond measure. Good Friday morning and welcome to the Buzz. Be sure to check out Up & Down later today.

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PoliticsPA’s Top Political Operatives List

PoliticsPA asked the top politicos from around the Commonwealth, “If you were building your political team from scratch, who would you want on it?” We were not looking for power lobbyists, paid media magicians or rainmaking fundraisers. We wanted to know who are the people you want on your campaign team when the job needs to get done.

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PoliticsPA’s Morning Buzz: 12/9 Edition

PoliticsPA has learned that State Sen. Kim Ward is being considered a potential challenger to Sen. Casey, the Tribune-Review is finding a luke warm response to the Obama tax deal among the Pa. Congressional delegation and Rep. Fattah was passed over for the top Dem. spot on the House Appropriations committee. Good Thursday morning and welcome to the Buzz.

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Businessman Moran Won’t Challenge Casey

Businessman John Moran, recently rumored as a potential 2012 challenger to U.S. Senator Bob Casey, said today that he would not be running for the seat. “I am unequivocally not a prospective candidate,” said Moran in a statement. “…I believe that, at this time, my talents are best served by continuing to grow my businesses, […]

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PoliticsPA’s Morning Buzz: 12/8 Edition

Rep. Kanjorski is shocked by the tax cut deal, Corbett named more top-level staffers, Gov. Rendell’s future is being discussed widely and Sen. Specter made good on his bet with Speaker Pelosi over the Phillies and Giants playoff matchup. Good Wednesday morning and welcome to the Buzz.

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