6/14 PoliticsPA Playbook

Wolf and Fetterman tap into some Always Sunny humor in their first ad together, and the passing of Senate Bill 22 saw some Democrats taking to Twitter to express their frustrations. And ICYMI, our story Tuesday evening outlining what the new SB22 is all about. Good morning, politicos, here’s the Playbook!

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Opponents Take to Twitter over SB 22 Yea Vote

A proposed state constitutional amendment creating an independent commission to oversee redistricting passed the state Senate today by a vote of 33 to 16. The bill, which has been in the works for more than a year, went through revisions as late as yesterday. And several people, mostly Democrats, were unhappy about the final version of the bill that passed.

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6/13 PoliticsPA Playbook

As the Senate prepares for a possible vote, we’ve got a look at yesterday’s new amendment to SB22 and Madonna & Young’s latest Politically Uncorrected. And ICYMI, the NRCC has added Nothstein as a Young Guns “Contender.” Good morning, politicos, here’s the Playbook:

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DCCC Digital Ad Buy Attacks GOP Over ACA in PA-1 and PA-17

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is targeting two vulnerable Pennsylvania congressional seats in part of a nationwide ad buy criticizing Republicans for efforts to weaken the Affordable Care Act. The Facebook ad buys in PA-1 and PA-17 were announced Monday afternoon by the DCCC as an answer to the U.S. Department of Justice’s decision last week to not defend one of the law’s most popular provisions in federal court.

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