PAGov: Bucks County Dems Back Schwartz

Rep. Schwartz

Rep. Schwartz

Allyson Schwartz locked down support in another corner of her southeast Pa. political base Thursday, winning the endorsements of a group of high-profile Bucks County Democratic leaders.

County Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia along with State Reps. Tina Davis, John Galloway and Steve Santarsiero were among those backing the Congresswoman in her campaign for Governor.

“Not only will Allyson Schwartz beat Tom Corbett in November, she’ll be a different kind of governor who will make record investments in public education and universal pre-kindergarten for four-year olds,” said Santarsiero in the statement.

“I am proud to support Allyson. As the only woman in the Congressional delegation, Allyson has broken down barriers and will take on the stale politics in Harrisburg,” said Ellis-Marseglia.

Jordan Yeager, an attorney and Secretary of the Southeast Caucus of Democratic State Committee also endorsed Schwartz.

In response to the new support, Schwartz stated, “Every day our campaign continues to gain momentum because Pennsylvanians are ready for a different kind of leader in Harrisburg, and I’m looking forward to working with people in every part of the state to make Pennsylvania great again.”

Schwartz has also gained the endorsement of Philadelphia Democratic Party Chairman Rep. Bob Brady and the Philadelphia City Democratic Committee among numerous others.

Schwartz is running in the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania governor against businessman Tom Wolf, former PA DEP Secretaries John Hanger and Katie McGinty, State Treasurer Rob McCord, pastor Max Myers and Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz.

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6 thoughts on “PAGov: Bucks County Dems Back Schwartz”

  1. SEPA-DEM says:

    If Schwartz becomes the Democratic candidate, unfortunately for the Dems, the whole conversation will be about Schwartz, and Corbett gets a free ride.
    If McCord becomes the Democratic candidate, the whole conversation can then be focused on Corbett.
    No wonder Corbett wants Schwartz to be the Democratic candidate!!

  2. spelczecher says:

    Maybe over there near Philadelphia Allyson Schwartz has made a name for herself, but over here in central PA she has a different name: the abortionist. She is Corbett’s choice of opponent, and Corbett’s only chance of winning. I have been a constant critic of Gov. Corporate since his first day in office. I knew he was going to be a bad governor, but not this bad. And yet, I will vote for him over the abortionist.

  3. Smarter says:

    This seems like an error in judgement – Bucks Chairman Cordisco endorsed Rob McCord, who everybody knows has a better chance of actually defeating Tom Corbett. In yet another display of the Bucks County inner-party squabbling, and disagreement these elected officials who Cordisco has fought hard to elect and re-elect, will go against him and the county party.

    It’s myopic and worse for Democrats everywhere as well, because the statewide party will have to spend considerably more time playing defense with a Schwartz nomination, use more resources, and still have slimmer odds of winning in November.

  4. Not the original Ron says:

    She had better hope for every vote she can get in SE PA. The rest of the state doesn’t want her.

  5. steveinpa says:

    poor rob cant get any support around his home town.something tells me they dont like his politics.i guess thats why schwartz leads in every poll taken so far.

  6. sean ryan says:

    Again the Bucks County Dems prove they are Doylestown Elitist and not working class members of Lower Bucks County.

    Rob McCord is the smart choice.

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