Perry Drops Out of Primary

Paul Perry Profile-s (1)Democrat Paul Perry announced he is dropping out of his Primary run in the 7th Congressional district citing concerns over the amount of money required to run for office.

“As I depart this race, I leave with real questions about the sustainability of our democracy. It is awash in money and influence-peddling on both sides of the aisle,” said in a release published first by Roll Call.  

“On a personal level, as someone who has spent his life working hand-in-hand with families struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis, I struggled mightily with the fundraising culture inherent to our current politics.”

Perry was backed by New Politics, a bipartisan group that worked to recruit candidates who had worked in public service.  

Perry’s exit from the race leaveS state Senator Daylin Leach, and Andrew McGinty, Elizabeth Moro, Dan Muroff, and Molly Sheehan running for the seat.

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8 thoughts on “Perry Drops Out of Primary”

  1. Dan Sauder says:

    I do not know Perry but wish him well. However, I agree with a previous comment with respect to how one does not know this going in? Meehan’s had time to build up a war chest! It’s truly a shame that most everyone in Congress are already millionaires and the little guy cannot run. Money in politics has got to go! A lot of new candidates are going to be surprised by what it takes to run and win.

  2. StevenTodd says:

    I have long held that the money and its influence over our election process is the #1 threat to our democratic republic. And it gets worse each cycle. We do not have a functional democracy right now, because of it.

  3. suspicious in montco says:

    How did he not know this getting in? Also, he had a pretty good quarter for a young grassroots candidate and was going full speed a few weeks earlier. Not sure I believe this non-excuse. Alas, he’s not running now so doesn’t have to tell us why.

  4. Sean says:

    It’s a shame that unless you’re a multi millionaire you can’t run for public office anymore.

    1. JO says:

      except only Leach (and maybe Moro) in that list is a millionaire.

  5. Zalrey Bissell says:

    He made the right choice because of he will not win the primary and the general election anyway.

    1. JO says:

      Do you think any of these people can win the general? Leach is raising but has way too many skeletons to survive attack ads.

      1. Nick Anastasio says:

        Pat Meehan has not faced a well-funded opponent since initially winning his seat in 2010. Hillary Clinton won his district, and Democratic turnout in the 2017 primary matched the GOP’s turnout — something that’s never happened before. So, yes, the Democratic nominee has a chance to defeat Meehan in 2018.

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