Philadelphia District Attorney Primary Takes Shape

District-Attorney-Seal-183px1The Philadelphia District Attorney’s race will have a crowded Democratic primary while the Republican primary will be uncontested.  

Seven Democratic candidates filed for the office as of the filing deadline.  

The Candidates are:

  • Teresa Carr Deni, a Municipal Court Judge in Philadelphia.  
  • Tariq El-Shabazz, a former first deputy district attorney and private attorney.  
  • Joe Khan, a former city and federal prosecutor.  
  • Lawrence Krasner, a defense attorney in Philadelphia.  
  • Rich Negrin, a former city managing director.  
  • John O’Neill, a Philadelphia based attorney.
  • Michael Untermeyer, a former assistant district attorney.  


El-Shabazz’s campaign claimed they had filed over 8,000 signatures with the city.  

Update: Khan’s campaign says they filed 3,700 signatures with the city.

The Republican primary will not have nearly the amount of activity the Democratic primary appears to have, with only one candidate on the ballot.  Beth Grossman will be the only name on the ballot in May.  Grossman is a former lawyer in the District Attorney’s office.  

The campaigns will now turn their attention from gathering signatures to pouring over the signatures gathered by the other campaigns.  They will look for enough problems with signatures to get their name removed from the ballot.

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8 thoughts on “Philadelphia District Attorney Primary Takes Shape”

  1. Julia Stinger says:

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  4. AMAZING says:

    All the Candidates for DA should Vow to use DUI offenders and othyer Non Violent offenders to Clean the Streets of Treash and Grafetti and To Clean up vacant Lots in the City There is so much Filth and Trash in the City . If Montgomery County and Bucks County can get Non Violent offenders to Pick up Trash then the Philly DA can as well . Also The DA needs to Stop the Philly Police from working with Private Towers from Stealing Cars and Trucks off The Streets of Philly . I have spoken with several people who have had their vehicles stolen in this manner and even a Guy in the Common Pleas Court system that said he knows this is happening

  5. bungy says:

    Ask anyone in the D.A.’s office. She’s a RACE BAITING F##ken LIBERAL. MORE TO FOLLOW.

  6. bungy says:

    Beth GROSSman. Is F##ken GROSS Man. She won’t get more than 250 votes total. She is more of a LIBERAL than all of the Democrats combined. PAYBACK F##ken TIME.

  7. bungy says:

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  8. phillylou says:

    I guess no one got more signatures than El-Shabazz, otherwise they’d be shouting it from the rooftops.

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