PoliticsPA’s Morning Buzz: 10/25 Edition

It is a star studded final week of campaigning in Pa. with the President, Vice-President, former President Clinton and cabinet official criss-crossing the commonwealth. The U.S. Senate race and Governor’s race is still very much up in the air and many of the Congressional races are going to be a close race to the finish as well. Good Monday morning and welcome to the Buzz, where we have you covered in these final days of the campaign.

On the trail

Joe Sestak is starting the morning in Jenkintown, then heading to Ambler, Norristown and Bristol. He will end his day in Philadelphia.

Dan Onorato will be endorsed by African-American community leaders in Pittsburgh.

Tom Corbett is having a rally in Pine Grove.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke will be campaigning with Manan Trivedi in Bala Cynwyd.

Rep. Critz will be talking jobs in Johnstown.

CeaseFirePA will be endorsing Bryan Lentz in Norristown.

Rep. Kanjorski will be making an announcement about Cherry Valley in Stroudsberg.

PoliticsPA Reports

PoliticsPA: Week’s Polls Suggest Surge for Dems

Politifact: Sestak claim that Toomey “still supports privatizing Social Security” is half-true

Weekend Headlines

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight and the NY Times analysis of the Pa. Senate Race:

“A similar dynamic is manifest in Pennsylvania: that race clearly has tightened, but most nonpartisan polls still give the Republican Pat Toomey a small lead, including a tracking poll that had previously shown an edge for Joe Sestak. Our model still sees Mr. Toomey as about a 3- or 4-point favorite, which translates into victory chances a hair over 80 percent.

Certainly, Mr. Sestak could win his race in Pennsylvania. But if he does, that might suggest that the enthusiasm gap isn’t quite as large as some pollsters were expecting, or that there were other problems with the polls that had implications in a number of races around the country. In that universe, the Democrats would probably be favored to win at least one or two of the races in the group including Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, and West Virginia — all of which appear slightly closer to us than Pennsylvania — and Republicans would be long shots to win in California or Washington, where Democrats already have an edge.

In other words, Pennsylvania — while fascinating on its own merits — isn’t likely to be the state that prevents Republicans from achieving a majority that they otherwise would have claimed. Instead, Washington and California remain the states that represent the biggest barriers to Republicans winning a 51st seat. What should make Republican poll-watchers happy is if new polls come out in the next week showing their candidates ahead in either of those states, particularly if they come from pollsters whose surveys do not ordinarily show a Republican lean.”

Politico: Pa. Sen. Debate: Who’s the extremist?

Commonwealth Confidential: Bailout Backer Giuliani Endorsed Bailout Scourge Toomey

CQ-Roll Call: Toomey, Manchin Try to Show Independence

Inquirer: Corbett is product of traditional town

Inquirer: Despite Corbett’s lead in fund-raising, Pa. Governor’s race tightens

CQ Politics: Big Labor Does Big Push In Pennsylvania: SEIU Floods State And Mailboxes

Tribune-Review: Onorato squandered debates

Post-Gazette: Corbett Shows Off Some Democratic Support

Times-Tribune: Carney, Marino share their cures for swooning economy

Times-Tribune: Kanjorski, Barletta differ on benefits of stimulus

Times-Tribune: GOP mailer dubs Carney liar, but provides no details on what

Weekend Opinions

AP: Inquirer Endorsed Sestak, Onorato

The Times-News endorsed Joe Sestak for U.S. Senate. The Times-News is also endorsing Rep. Dahlkemper for the House.

The Times-Tribune endorsed Dan Onorato for Governor.

Times-Tribune: Rep. Kanjorski ponders ‘nuts,’ bolts from blue

Times-Tribune: Shovel-ready hypocrisy

Today’s Headlines

Inquirer: With GOP fired up, Democrats ramp up the rallying

Tribune-Review: Onorato, Corbett split on issues

Fox Philadelphia: Sestak, Toomey Look For Edge in Philly Suburbs

Times-Tribune: Next Governor’s power tested by fiscal crisis

Capitol Ideas: MCall/Muhlenberg Daily Tracker: Toomey, Corbett lead

The Hill: Murtha seat looks like outpost resisting impending GOP onslaught

Daily News: Jim Schneller: Delco Dems’ great right hope

Today’s Opinions

John Baer: Sestak’s rough times suddenly feeling silky

The Times-Tribune endorsed Joe Sestak

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