Poll Shows Mayor Nutter Strong Against Potential Rival

By: Geoffrey Middleberg, Contributing Writer 

The Nutter Campaign released a poll today that shows Michael Nutter doing well against potential rival, Former Mayor John Street.

It is possible that the Nutter Campaign released this poll to discourage John Street from launching an independent bid for Mayor.

65% of those polled said that Philadelphia has seen a change for the better since John Street left office.

The poll tested favorability ratings among Whites and African-Americans and found that no matter your race, Michael Nutter has higher favorables than John Street.

If the election were held today and there was a three-way race between Nutter, GOP Candidate Karen Brown and Former Mayor John Street, Nutter would get 67% of the vote.

In a hypothetical matchup with only two candidates (Nutter and Brown), Nutter would get 74% of the vote.

The poll did not have a hypothetical matchup with the other rumored candidate, Tom Knox.

The poll was taken from a sample of likely voters and reflected the partisan breakdown of the City of Philadelphia

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