Q3: Shuster Raises $350,000 in PA-9

bill_shusterFundraising is picking up in primary races across the state’s congressional districts. In the 9th District, currently represented by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Blair), the incumbent seems to have a steady lead in terms of contributions.

Challenging Shuster in the Republican primary is Art Halvorson, a businessman and veteran, who has criticized Shuster for leaning too far to the left. Halvorson announced his candidacy in April.

In the October FEC filings, Halvorson raised just over $13,500 and spent just over $14,000. The candidate boasts more than $125,000 on hand.

Comparatively, incumbent Shuster raised well over $350,000 and spent just over $131,000 during the quarter. Shuster also has more than $1.1 million on hand.

Earlier this month, Harper Polling had Shuster with a 52 point lead over Halvorson.

The other candidate who has announced his intent to challenge Shuster, Travis Schooley, has not filed a report with the FEC.

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One thought on “Q3: Shuster Raises $350,000 in PA-9”

  1. KingOfSpades says:

    Just some more proof that Billy Boy Shuster is working for the special interests, not the people of PA-9. You can’t raise that kind of money with contributions from ordinary people!

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