Reader Poll: Has the Race for PA-13 Gotten Too Negative?

pa 13 democratsElection day is fast approaching and the battle is definitely intensifying in the race for the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania’s 13th district.

The schisms between the competitors first became especially evident when all four candidates finally debated earlier this month and Marjorie Margolies was the recipient and source of a number of harsh attacks.

Now, just in the last week, Leach’s campaign filed an FEC complaint against Margolies, Boyle is calling for all his “millionaire opponents” to release their tax returns and Val Arkoosh hit Boyle’s position on abortion in campaign mailers

Considering that tonight will be the second debate between all four candidates, it is likely to be a can’t miss event of charges and counter-charges that will only escalate the current state of affairs.

All this begs the question, though, has the campaign gotten too negative and will it turn off voters who may chose to sit it out on May 20th.

So, given all the recent attacks, has the PA-13 campaign gotten too negative?

When seats open up following sexual misconduct scandals, should state parties pressure locals to nominate women candidates?

  • No (70%)
  • Yes (30%)

Total Voters: 360

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