Reader Poll: Kathleen Kane Won’t Run for Guv in 2014

Kathleen Kane portrait

Attorney General Kathleen Kane

The Democratic field to challenge Gov. Tom Corbett is continuing to take shape, with many speculating who might still toss their hat into the ring.

One of the first names mentioned is often that of Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who took office in January.

She’s made clear her differences from Corbett on issues such as same-sex marriage and the Penn State scandal since then.

Kane ruled out a run in 2014 in an interview recently with the Patriot News editorial board, although she didn’t rule out seeking the office beyond 2014. PoliticsPA readers–by a wide margin–have so far predicted her decision correctly.

83% of readers did not think she’d ultimately go for it, while 17% of readers thought that she would run for Governor in 2014.

Here are the full results:

Will Kathleen Kane run for Governor in 2014?

  • No. (84%)
  • Yes. (17%)

Total Voters: 490

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August 20th, 2013 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Governor, Top Stories | 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Kathleen Kane Won’t Run for Guv in 2014”

  1. Bryan-

    Fair enough. Your’s was the only name on the article. You should insist on an “edited by” disclaimer in the future. 🙂

    ” It would also be a reasonably smart bet that Corbett won’t lose in 2014″

    Um….Corbett probably the least likely governor in the US to get re-elected.

  2. David Diano-

    Thank you for your comments. I did not write that sentence–it was added by the person who edited the article. It’s not the way I would have worded it either–so I’ve re-edited it.

  3. Obviously would be a very bad move. We need the first elected Democratic AG to complete at least one term to set an example for future Dem AGs, and to set voter expectations for what a Dem AG does in office. It would also be a reasonably smart bet that Corbett won’t lose in 2014, in which case Kane would arguably enter 2018 as the perceived frontrunner.

  4. Ugh!! says:

    …And 100% of readers thought it was a stupid poll (as most of PoliticsPA polls are nowadays.)
    The full results below:
    Do you think this is a stupid poll or a poll that is in line with compelling political analysis?
    Stupid: 100%
    Compelling: 0%

  5. David Diano says:

    You need to work on your writing/journalism skills.

    You wrote:
    ” It appears she may have made the right decision as PoliticsPA readers–by a wide margin–did not think she would ultimately go for it”

    Umm… wrong conclusion. Our poll/guess was a prediction about what we thought she would do. It was NOT a recommendation for what she should do, or speculation on whether or not she could win, or whether it was a right/wrong decision.

    The sentence should have been: ” PoliticsPA readers–by a wide margin predicted her decision”.

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