Reader Poll: Transportation is Corbett’s Best Bet This Fall

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Gov. Tom Corbett

The legislative highlight of this past summer was the budget fight in Harrisburg. Although a budget made it to Gov. Tom Corbett’s desk just in time for the beginning of the 2013-14 fiscal year, he went 0 for 3 on his major agenda items: liquor privatization, pension reform and transportation funding.

The state legislature will be back in Harrisburg next month to convene the fall session, giving Corbett another chance to push through his proposals. It will be the last legislative session before election year gets under way. As Gov. Corbett faces a tough fight for re-election, it could be his last chance.

A plurality of PoliticsPA readers, 41%, believe transportation funding is Corbett’s best bet this fall. 13% and 8% said liquor privatization and pension reform, respectively, have the best shot at passing. Meanwhile, 38% believe none of the items will pass.

Here are the full results:

Reader Poll: Which of Corbett’s Big 3 Agenda Items Has Best Shot?

  • Transportation Funding (41%)
  • None (38%)
  • Liquor privatization (14%)
  • Pension reform (7%)

Total Voters: 481

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4 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Transportation is Corbett’s Best Bet This Fall”

  1. PAINDY1 says:

    Dear BRAD BUMSTEAD AND COLIN MCNICKLE OF THE PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW: Your publication asked some very good questions in today’s editorial. Perhaps I can answer the question: Our State is being run by an out-of-state acting Governor John Brabdender, who was never elected and only cares about his net worth which is based in Virginia. 1. Please investigate how Brabender obtained his rumored Highmark attack ad contract? 2. Why is Ron Tomalis still on the State payroll? How long will Tomalis remain a “virtual” advisor?

  2. PAINDY1 says:

    Why has the Case of Ray Gricar gone so frigidly cold? Shouldn’t the Corbett/Brabender adminstration, make it a top priority to solve this mystery? Wouldn’t it be a relief to all hardworking PA prosecutors around the State? It would be so wonderful if Mr. Corbett could make solving the Gricar case a top priority in his State of the State address, just like our First Black President was committed to finding Bin Laden.

  3. PAINDY1 says:

    STOP POLITICAL NECROPHILIA IN PA FOR FINANCIAL GAIN! 1. Why is virtual Secretary Ron Tomalis still on the state payroll? Is it possible he knows too much about Charter school problems? Is Tomalis the poster child Welfare Queen TAKER of the CORBETT/Brabender administration? 2. When is someone going to investigate the rumored Acting Governor John Brabender attack ad contract with Highmark? 3. When is the highly conflicted COS Gromis Baker going to clean out her office? 4. My agenda for PA: Have a real Governor; don’t let the state be run by a consultant from Virginia that we never had the chance to vote for or against!!!!!

  4. bobguzzardi says:

    Imposing a gas tax, directly or indirectly, betrays Gov. Corbett’s base of ordinary every day taxpayers.

    Rick Santorum abandoned his base.

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