Reader Poll: Will Kathleen Kane Run for Guv in 2014?

Kathleen Kane portraitWith the gubernatorial race taking shape and Gov. Tom Corbett in a tough position a little over a year out, many have speculated about which Democrats might challenge the Governor.

One of the potential candidates who has been the subject of a substantial amount of buzz is Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who took office in January.

Since then, she has made well-known key differences between her and Corbett on issues such as the Penn State scandal and same-sex marriage.

Last week, Kane played down interest in challenging Corbett, but didn’t categorically rule out a run. To that end, the buzz continues.

So, what do you think? Will she run?

Will Kathleen Kane run for Governor in 2014?

  • No. (84%)
  • Yes. (17%)

Total Voters: 490

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August 13th, 2013 | Posted in Features, Front Page Stories, Governor, Poll, Top Stories | 17 Comments

17 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Will Kathleen Kane Run for Guv in 2014?”

  1. Jr says:

    I hope not. One time I ask why there was not an investigation done after my brother her nephew was tradgically injured. All I got was a high speed chase by her husband and threats to remove any financial support for my brother her nephew he has.

  2. I don’t think a poll means anything during the summer, when no one is paying attention, and 95% of Dem voters could not even name any of the candidates planning to challenge Corbett.

  3. Jeremy says:


    You guys live in areas where local races matter.

    My guess is that McCord is rising and so is Wolf. Maybe even Hangar gets a bump. But, I think Team Schwartz may take a hit.

    But, why not have another poll. It would be something to talk about.

  4. Jeremy-

    No one is paying attention to the race. It’s the summer and we still have local 2013 races to run.

    The Schwartz campaign ran some lame house-party video-chat event earlier this month, and are now risking shoulder injuries patting themselves on the backs, or tripping while running a premature victory lap.

    McCord hasn’t really kicked off his campaign, and Wolf is just starting to make some ads. No one is going to pay attention to this until after Christmas/New Years when the campaigns announce their year-end fundraising numbers, and start working toward petitions and county ballot endorsements.

  5. Jeremy says:

    What we really need is an another poll of the Democratic primary for Governor! The declared candidates had all summer to attend events and get their name out there. I would like to see if there has been any movement in the race.

    Also, polling showed 60% of Dems are undecided in that race. Is this true, still?

  6. Kathleen3 says:

    This woman has already proven herself to be derelict in the performance of her duties. She is a political opportunist serving as nothing more than a front person for special interest groups and unions.

  7. Refusing to defend and unconstitutional law in court is not being selective. Would you rather she went to court, and then just agreed with every point the ACLU made, and had no legal basis to defend the law?

    The case is about the constitutionality of the PA DOMA law. The law is clearly unconstitutional, and Kane is right to concede the point.

  8. Denny Bonavita says:

    Corbett’s big sin was in running for governor midway through his AG term, thereby breaking his committment to that office which, during the Sandusky investigation, caused all sorts of grief. Now Kane has decided she can selectively honor/disregard her oath of office to defend the laws of the Commonwealth. We don’t need two successive opportunistic word-breakers as governor. She signed on for four years in an important position; have the integrity to finish the job, or get a job as a no-integrity, pretty-face TV news anchor.

  9. Brad Kirsch says:

    I would be very unhappy if Attorney General Kane ran because she is needed where she is and must establish a credible record. For years the office of Attorney General has underperformed in relation to the real needs of the people of PA. If she turns this one around she will be a real hero.
    We cannot afford the same old game based on speculation and popularity.

    We actually need competence and proven consistent performance. We must use the same criteria we would use if we were hiring someone to watch over and protect our kids in every office we elect people to serve in. Because the fact is we are hiring these people to protect our kids, our elders, and our society.

  10. Kane may be thinking about it, but I hope she remains the AG for a while. We need a strong, rational, pro-consumer AG in place to help counteract Corbett and the rest of the Republicans. I’m supporting Allyson Schwartz for governor.

  11. “King”-
    No basis for that. Kane has better shot being Senator (which is a better gig anyway) than some appointment from Hillary (especially if it’s an appointment requiring Senate confirmation).

    Kane is in a great position as a popular statewide candidate, who is tough and stands up to business as usual. She has to finish the 4 years of her term as AG to maintain credibility, and distinguish herself from candidates that jump ship without completing their first term.

    Over a few years as AG, she will have opportunities for key cases/decisions which will cement her credentials and reputation.

    Anyone advising her to run for Gov is a political fool, and she would do well to distance herself from anyone dumb enough to suggest a run in 2014.

    As for the Poll itself, it clearly shows that by 5 to 1, she is not expected to run. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen her, because she isn’t doing a single thing to encourage the idea.

    Sestak spend months encouraging, rather than discouraging, speculation on a Gov run (in order to keep his name talked about), until he was forced to acknowledge his run for Senate (though he continues to lie and call it an exploratory committee). But, Aug 30th, his response is due to FEC to officially declare (or give back all the money), so he’ll be officially declaring.

    I point this out for two reasons:
    1) To draw a distinction with Kane, who is demonstrating class and doing her job
    2) To take a shot a Joe 🙂

  12. Ugh! says:

    What is happening to PoliticsPA? What a stupid poll. PoliticsPA is the only one interested in pursuing this rumor.
    Meanwhile, this site no longer provides any compelling NEW information to political junkies.
    POLITICO covers PA politics more comprehensively than PoliticsPA.

  13. Western Dem says:

    But if she did run shed easily defeat everyone
    else in the field 🙂

    I think we have an intriguing stable of candidates.

  14. Western Dem says:

    This is a pointless poll. She is not running.

  15. KingOfSpades says:

    She just thinks that she’ll get appointed to some cushy job by President Hillary in 2016.

  16. David Diano says:

    Not a chance she will run. Her ardent supporters that I run into say they don’t want her running for Gov and want her in the AG spot for her full term.

    We voted for her because Murphy made it clear that he intended to use the AG spot as stepping stone for Gov, and the Dem voters rejected him because of it.

  17. John says:

    How can she run after her entire AG campaign was based on “Prosecutor NOT A Politician”

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