Rendell Endorses in Philly DA’s Race

IMG_3220Former Governor Ed Rendell announced he is endorsing Joe Khan in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s race.  

“Because I feel so strongly about this role, I made a point of meeting with several of the DA candidates, but the decision to me was clear: Joe Khan,” Rendell, who is also a former Philadelphia DA, said during the press conference announcing his endorsement.  

“I am deeply honored to have the support of Gov. Rendell in my campaign for District Attorney,” Khan said.  

Khan has been rolling out high profile endorsements, including Khizr Khan who gained national prominence during his public feud with then candidate Donald Trump.  

Teresa Carr Deni, Tariq El-Shabazz, Lawrence Krasner, Rich Negrin, Jack O’Neil, and Michael Untermeyer are also running.  Current District Attorney Seth Williams dropped out of the race, and is facing federal corruption charges.

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10 thoughts on “Rendell Endorses in Philly DA’s Race”

  1. john says:

    Eddie can waddle around Philly and keep endorsing all he wants …his folks often don’t win.

  2. Dumb Blonde says:

    Mr. Blonde:

    The young progressives are the reason y’all lost the election to a reality TV star.

    The basic premise of most progressive ideas is great but none of you have any viable ideas as far as how to pay for them. You may think you do, but that’s because you haven’t yet taken Intro to Econ at your Ivy League school.

    Forgive the rest of us for not permitting a bunch of young progressives to drive the party over a cliff. Say what you want about Rendell’s popularity today, but in the Rendell-Clinton years the party had unity and could actually get things done.

    Case in point: Kenney’s “wage equalizer” question ban.

  3. Mr. Blonde says:

    @ Isaac Rendell is notttttt still popular in Philadelphia or anywhere that’s a lie they keep telling us so we tolerate him. He’s a spirit killer to the Democratic Party and has been for years. His Graft and Bond Work and paid appearances is almost intolerable. The Mary Isenhour Rendell Rooney Jarin Weismann Connie Williams etc and billions of dollars these people make is disgusting. They should all retire.
    We have young progressives ready to lead the party but these old hacks don’t let anyone in. PIGS the whole lot of them

  4. Isaac L. says:

    He’s still popular in Philadelphia, regardless of what the people in Pennsyltucky think, and that’s what matters in a Philadelphia race. Funny how that works…

  5. john says:

    Means nothing.. Fast Eddie has endorsed a lot of losers….like the young woman in Bucks County for Congress.

  6. David Diano says:


    I don’t believe that Rendell seriously met with anyone else, so there wouldn’t be a second pick.

  7. tommy boy says:

    Fast Eddie still trying to stay relevant!

  8. iroquois says:

    Rendell endorsement is a negative to many people. Fast Eddie has a way of making stupid comments and should just shut up. Nobody cares what you think.

  9. Endorsement says:

    Yea, DD, because people give endorsements of a candidate followed succinctly by their 2nd choice… then the third. Don’t you work in politics? Or try to?

  10. David Diano says:

    “several of the DA candidates”

    How many?
    Which ones?
    Who was second pick?

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