Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to Speak at PA Dems Keystone Dinner

Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party sent out a press release stating that Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) will be the keynote speaker for the state party’s fall dinner in Harrisburg tomorrow, Sep. 7.

In addition to Jeffries, the Keystone Dinner tomorrow evening beginning at 7:15 pm will include addresses from Gov. Tom Wolf, state Sen. John Blake, and state Representative Donna Bullock.  

This will be the first fall state committee meetings that Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills will preside over. She was elected as chair of the state party in June.

The state committee meeting is set to take place in Harrisburg on Saturday at 12 pm.

The Pennsylvania GOP’s fall dinner will be headlined by Donald Trump Jr in Hershey on Sep. 21.

The Pennsylvania GOP did not immediately respond for comment for this story.

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  1. JohhnyBrownShorts says:

    I was hopIng Val would speak and comment on the charges……oops

  2. Sincere says:

    What? Sincere Harris couldn’t get the CEO of Uber after all the money she threw in his pockets 2 years ago?

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