Romney PA Spox Moved to Virginia

Meriwether’s Twitter profile picture

In yet another sign that Pa. is out of play, Mitt Romney’s Pennsylvania spokeswoman is no longer in the state.

The Daily Beast reported that Kate Meriwether has been promoting events in Virginia, including numerous Twitter updates about a Monday event in Williamsburg. A GOP source confirmed that Meriwether is in Va., but said the move is temporary.

Meriwether has served as the Romney campaign’s Pa. Communications Director since June. She sent press releases even Monday, with her most recent Pa.-specific release coming Sunday.

It was an odd time for a switch; Ann Romney visited Pa. on Monday for 3 events including a public rally. The events were handled by the RNC staff based in the state (a GOP source said Romney’s fundraiser in Harrisburg brought in over $500,000).

It’s also a bad choice of a staff member to move, had the Romney campaign hoped to keep it low profile: Meriwether is (was?) the direct press contact for Pa. reporters.

It follows another so-called temporary Romney staff shuffle, in which 5 of 64 campaign employees based in Pa. moved to Ohio.

Polls have shown the presidential contest tightening in Pa., but numerous high-ranking Republicans and Romney campaign officials say the Republican is very unlikely to make a play here, The Daily reported Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Romney PA Spox Moved to Virginia”

  1. Rex says:


    Not everything has to be brought back to Joe Sestak. Its 21 days from election day. If you cant find the time to go knock a door or make a phonecall, at least focus your online ire on Republicans, not Democrats who arn’t even on the ballot.

  2. David Diano says:

    She’s in Virginia? Did she move near Sestak? LOL!

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