Schember Wins Erie Mayoral Race

SchemberFormer Erie City Councilman Joe Schember won the Democratic nomination in the race for Erie Mayor.  Schember defeated six other candidates for the nomination.  

Schember won a clear plurality of votes with 30.57% of the vote with 100% of precincts reporting in.  

Schember will face Republican John Persinger in the general election.

May 16th, 2017 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Local races, Top Stories | 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Schember Wins Erie Mayoral Race”

  1. jjcnpa says:

    Great to see someone with a business background winning a PA mayor’s race–someone who didn’t inherit a real estate business from his daddy

  2. Zakrey Bissell says:

    Congrats Joe Schember on winning the primary and I think for you will win the general election very easily.

  3. what says:

    Crack reporting once again. Congratulations to Mayor-elect Schember….. Oh wait he just won the primary. Tough to learn anything on this “news” site.

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