Second Democrat Enters Race to Challenge Stack

Kathi CozzoneLieutenant Governor Mike Stack is getting another challenger for his position next year.  Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone is jumping into the race in the Democratic primary.  

According to the West Chester Daily Local, Cozzone will announce this afternoon at the Chester County Courthouse.  

“The governor needs an accomplished elected official who knows how to work in a bipartisan manner to produce real results, to serve with him in Harrisburg,” Cozzone told the Daily Local.  

Stack has said he will be running for re-election next year.  Aryanna Berringer, an Army veteran and a information technology project manager for Giant Eagle already entered the race.

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13 thoughts on “Second Democrat Enters Race to Challenge Stack”

  1. Sean says:

    Aryanna or Fetterman would get my vote. Stack needs to go and is too hot headed and disrespectful to state workers. However, Cozone is Republican light and too unethical for my taste.

  2. Mike S. says:

    Hi “Paula” (who is really actually really Mike Stack, who posts on here all the time) – I totally agree Mike Stack should be governor. In fact I strongly encourage him to run like he was telling people at Pa Society he was going to do. I want to see it happen because it would be HILARIOUS! A lightweight who shouldve just stayed in the state senate where he could get away with his crap.

  3. David Diano says:

    There’s an article in City and State:

    that says that Fetterman is considering a primary run at Stack.

    Fetterman does have a base of support. However, the more people that run in the primary, the better for an incumbent like Stack, as they all dilute the “anti-incumbent” vote.

    Now, there was a lot of talk that Fetterman was a plant by Wolf to help McGinty and hurt Sestak. (For the record, I met John and never bought into that rumor, and Wolf isn’t that smart.) Now, if Fetterman did get into the Lt Gov race, I’m sure there would be similar rumors that Fetterman was there at Wolf’s behest to screw with Stack.

    It sounds like the Lt Gov race will be more interesting than the Gov race.

  4. Charles Pont says:

    I agree with Catherine’s comments. I have always found Governor Wolf to be a bit of a phony. I like when he pretends to be a big supporter of unions except for the fact that his own company is non- union.

  5. paula says:

    Lt Gov Stack should be Governor. Remember: Wolf had a secret panel give out multi million dollar contracts for marijuna distribution, doesnt enforce laws he doesnt like. Stack should take him on in primary.

    1. Ellen says:

      I’ll second that! The people the Governor has surrounding him aren’t the best. He thinks he has state committee, but take a poll of the members – they don’t even know who the ED is, let alone support the Governor.

    2. David Diano says:


      I agree. Wolf is very weak and doesn’t know how to get stuff done or stand up to the legislature or crack-the-whip.

  6. Zakrey Bissell says:


  7. Catherine says:

    My vote: Lt. Governor Stack. What the Governor did to Stack and his wife is and was outrageous. Airing dirty laundry out in public! What kind of person is the Governor for doing that? Doesn’t he know anyone who has had problems? Someday this might come back to bite him in the butt. It will if Lt Governor Stack isn’t his running mate.

    1. joe says:

      ^^^^Sounds like it was written by Tonya Stack. Probably about the only person who would say that.^^^^

  8. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

    Oink! Stack her behind the barn. Whoever allowed women to wear shoes should be hog tied and quartered.

    1. GJM says:

      Aside from your idiotic and intentionally baiting comment, you don’t quarter someone while they are “hog” tied. Stupid troll.

      1. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

        Nickel and dime them…it adds up

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