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1/12 Morning Buzz

PoliticsPA takes a look at NEPA’s economic development now that it’s patrons of pork have departed. School choice gains ground. The debate over debate continues in the wake of the Tucson tragedy. Some Marines object to naming a new ship after the late Rep. Murtha. Foxwoods begs for a 2nd chance. Early Returns runs down the Pittsburgh council race.

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1/11 Morning Buzz

Gleason backs Priebus over Steele for RNC Chair. Rendell legacy stories continue. Rep. Brady announces bill to limit threatening speech re: members of Congress. Editorial boards across the state debate whether the tone political rhetoric in America played a role in the Tucson tragedy. And comments made by Rep. Kanjorski in October about shooting Florida GOP Gov. Candidate Rick Scott have become conservatives’ counter-point in post-Tucson debate over political rhetoric.

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Politically Uncorrected: The Rendell Legacy

By G. Terry Madonna & Michael L. Young. Rendell was a larger than life personality; by turns personable and irascible, candid but sometimes cryptic, ideological while also pragmatic, and predictably unpredictable in personal settings. He was great copy for journalists that found his frankness refreshing. And he always and everywhere was on stage, a consummate performer in the guise of a consummate politician.

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