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8/8 Morning Buzz

Outrage and finger-pointing follow the S&P downgrade; good government groups gear up for Philly redistricting; and another possible Casey challenger on the radar.

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8/5 Morning Buzz

After the debt ceiling vote in the Senate, some Senators rushed to go back to their respective states. Sen. Casey, however, attended a hearing of the Foreign Relations Committee to discuss the renomination of Robert Ford as Ambassador to Syria. In fact, he was the only Senator who attended the hearing. Sen. Toomey played a large role in the debt ceiling debate, even if it meant bucking party leadership. We take a look at the actions he took and what impact it might have on his influence in later spending negotiations.

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8/4 Morning Buzz

With the help of females, Gov. Corbett’s approval rating increased. This is the first time the Governor’s approval rating has increased since he was elected. Check out Terry Madonna and Michael Young’s bi-weekly column, this week they discuss why the debt negotiations were drawn out and difficult. Gov. Corbett named his puppies Harry and Penny after entries from residents across the Commonwealth.

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8/2 Morning Buzz

Veteran Democratic Congressman Mike Doyle was the lone member of the Pennsylvania delegation to vote against the high-profile, controversial debt ceiling deal reached by President Obama and congressional leaders late Sunday night. The Forest Hills representative was also at the center of a controversial caucus huddle in which he reportedly likened Tea Party Republicans to “terrorists [who] have made it impossible to spend any money.”

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8/1 Morning Buzz

The big Monday morning news: President Obama and Congressional leaders pounded out the framework for a budget deal late Sunday night, with a vote very likely taking place on Monday. Even before their respective caucus leaders had a chance to present the specifics of the plan to rank-and-file members, Pennsylvania’s public officials were already offering preliminary thoughts.

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