PA-Gov: F&M Poll: Wolf 49 Corbett 24

Tom-WolfAfter a long summer of ads and attacks, the Governor’s race is almost exactly the same as it was roughly two months ago.

The latest Franklin and Marshall poll was released today and it shows Tom Wolf holding a 49% to 24% lead over Gov. Tom Corbett. 25% of respondents were undecided.

This actually marks a small improvement for the Democratic candidate since June, when he held a 47-25 advantage.

Wolf’s lead holds throughout every age, income, religious, regional, racial, educational or gender status. Additionally he holds a 34 point lead among Independents (53-19) and a whopping 46 point advantage among moderates (59-13).

At least a partial explanation of these results can be found in the Governor’s approval ratings. Just 24%, less than one in four, of respondents feel Gov. Corbett is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as Governor. The GOP Governor holds just a 40% approval rating among Republicans. Even worse, only 26% feel he has done well enough to warrant re-election.

Meanwhile, 61% believe the state is “off on the wrong track.”

These results are particularly devastating for the Corbett-Cawley camp because they come after a period in which the Republican nominee unleashed far more ads than his opponent. They don’t seem to have done the Gov any good, in fact they may have been harmful.

F&M found 82% of respondents had seen a commercial for both candidates. They asked these people what the viewer recalled most from those ads. For Corbett’s spots, 27% remembered the negative tone. For Wolf’s spots, negativity finished third behind his business location and background.

Perhaps the best example of the Governor’s difficulties involves guns. Last week, the PA GOP made a big deal about a supposed gaffe from Wolf concerning gun owners. Yet the Democratic nominee leads even among this traditionally conservative group (40% to 36%).

Of course, there is still some time left and a large number of respondents are undecided. The possibility that every undecided voter will turn to Gov. Corbett, though, is quite remote. Currently, 24% of Republicans support Wolf and it would not be surprising to see that number come down as the faithful rally behind their candidate. The Democrat’s margin is still likely to narrow in the coming weeks and months. The Governor, however, must find a method to further chip away at his opponent’s lead and fast, or else he won’t hold that title much longer.

This poll surveyed 520 Pennsylvanians and was conducted from August 18 to 25. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.3%.

8/28 Morning Buzz

PA-state-flag6Fattah’s ex-staffer pleads guilty, Planned Parenthood goes after Corbett and McGarrigle supports a severance tax. Good morning politicos, here’s the Buzz!

PA-2: Fattah’s Ex-Chief of Staff Pleads Guilty: The Congressman’s former staffer admitted to falsifying campaign finance records and lying to the FBI.

PA-Gov: Planned Parenthood Hits Corbett with Top Ten List: The organization’s political action committee is counting down their top ten reasons to oppose Gov. Corbett’s re-election.

SD-26: McGarrigle Announces Support for Severance Tax: The Republican State Senate candidate unveiled his proposal in an op-ed for the Delco Daily Times.

State House Sound Bites: Study: cost of charter schools “obvious and escalating”
State House Sound Bites: Teachers union says less money = lower test scores
PA Independent: Philly family lost house over $40 drug purchase
StateImpactPA: Report: Pa. attorney general widens investigation into gas royalty complaints
PLSReporter: A LOOK BACK with Sen. Edwin Erickson (R-Delaware)
Capitolwire: More money, less problems? The relationship between test scores and basic ed funding levels

WHYY Newsworks: Philly VA hosts town hall meetings, denies likening vets to Oscar the Grouch
KYW Newsradio: Girl abducted from West Philadelphia School testifies Racial disparities continue in Philly marijuana arrests Lawsuits against allegedly dirty narcs could mean millions in city payouts
The Inquirer: Taney team feels its city’s jubilant embrace

Delco Daily Times: Delco Republicans call out Wolf on tax returns
Montgomery Media: Greater Philadelphia chapter of ALS Association in Lower Gwynedd overwhelmed by Ice Bucket Challenge
Bucks Local News: Wrightstown Elementary advocates bring facts, figures to the Council Rock School Board
Daily Local News: Judge bars changes at Pa. school for disadvantaged
Daily Local News: Former Downingtown East soccer player files lawsuit

City Paper: Declining Diversity: In the wake of Ferguson, activists look at Pittsburgh’ own failures in police diversity
Post-Gazette: City of Pittsburgh school tax breaks approved by board
Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh to get lowest interest rate ever for bonds, director says
Tribune Review: Biden in Pittsburgh Thursday for fundraiser
Tribune Review: Dem Wolf eyes shale’s ‘golden egg’ to boost school funding
Tribune Review: Public Utility Commission hearing arguments against Lyft
KDKA: Parents, State Sen. Fight For Legalization Of Pot To Treat Epilepsy

Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: Cambria chief clerk expected to step down Thursday
Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: Talks on Pa. Medicaid plan said to be nearing end
Observer-Reporter: Ringgold teachers ratify contract
Altoona Mirror: Judge makes ruling in city suit
Altoona Mirror: Council working on dog ordinance

Times-Tribune: Scranton pension funds will be broke in 3 to 5 years
Citizens’ Voice: Arguments heard in fight over flood fee
Pocono Record: Jobless rates inch up slightly in Monroe, Pike

South Central
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: City library says no to countywide fundraising plan
Harrisburg Patriot News: A state of bootleggers? Pa. lawmaker wants to make cross-border wine, booze purchases legal
Harrisburg Patriot News: School leaders hitting the road to rally support for a new school funding formula
Roxbury News: Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse – National Civil War Museum.
Roxbury News: Harrisburg City Treasurer charged with theft from Non-Profit Organization.

Lehigh Valley
Express Times: Easton Councilman Jeff Warren announces resignation
Express Times: Northampton County Councilman wants to limit executive’s spending ability
Reading Eagle: City zoning board hears dispute between I-LEAD Charter School and Reading School District
Reading Eagle: Reading Branch of NAACP pushes to ‘ban the box’
Reading Eagle: Reading’s Main Street board appoints its chairman
WFMZ: Senator Casey unveils Caregiver Corps bill in Easton

North by Northwest
Williamsport Sun Gazette: A COSTLY NECESSITY
Williamsport Sun Gazette: County to benefit from updated transportation plan
Williamsport Sun Gazette: Gas industry impact study will be revealed on Thursday
Williamsport Sun Gazette: Commissioner has concern about county’s financial future
Erie Times-News: Campaign ‘14 Blog: Strano Taylor commemorates 19th Amendment
Centre Daily Times: Centre County set to seize tower land
Onward State: Report: Penn State Has a ‘Strong Case’ For Bowl Ban Elimination

Williamsport Sun Gazette: Corbett’s formula easy to criticize, but the correct path
Tribune Review: Merging school districts? Some fundamental criteria
Post-Gazette: Don’t delete: Accountability for state officials begins with email
Times-Tribune: Too much secrecy in PSU cases
Daily Local News: A President’s legacy in question
Delco Daily Times: Tom Corbett, meet Tom McGarrigle; now talk
Reading Eagle: Editorial: Spencer must do his job, sign lease with water authority
Express Times: EDITORIAL: Too many unanswered questions on proposed pipeline
Centre Daily Times: Their View | Rep. Glenn Thompson advocates ‘bad old days’

Citizens’ Call: Going Global at Curtis Hall

PA-2: Fattah’s Ex-Chief of Staff Pleads Guilty

Chaka-FattahIt’s been a cruel summer for Rep. Chaka Fattah.

The Congressman’s son was indicted earlier this month for defrauding the IRS and stealing from Philadelphia schools.

Now, his former Chief of Staff Gregory Naylor has pleaded guilty to several counts of campaign finance fraud.

According to Roll Call, Naylor concealed the theft of grants and charitable funds to repay debts from a 2007 campaign. Naylor was working on Fattah’s mayoral bid at the time.

“Naylor was aware that large amounts of money from an unexplained source were being spent on Elected Official A’s campaign, and Naylor helped to conceal the source of those funds by preparing a false invoice for services rendered by his consulting firm,” a Department of Justice report states. “Naylor subsequently learned that Elected Official A and others orchestrated the theft of federal grant funds to repay the outstanding balance of the campaign debt, and he agreed to the falsification of campaign finance reports to further conceal Elected Official A’s activities.”

The DOJ also found that Naylor used campaign funds to pay off the college debts of his candidate’s son. Jeremy Roebuck of the Inquirer reported that $22,663 was spent in this scheme.

“Some of the payments originated directly from the local campaign fund, and some were illegally sourced from Elected Official A’s federal campaign election committee and passed through the local campaign fund account to Naylor,” the DOJ release detailed.

“Naylor made approximately $22,000 in improper payments between August 2007 and April 2011 at Elected Official A’s request,” it continued. “Naylor also falsely claimed on IRS forms that the payments made towards the college debt were earned income to Elected Official A’s son for services rendered as an independent contractor to Naylor’s consulting firm. When confronted by federal agents in investigative interviews about the payments, Naylor lied on two occasions and repeated his cover story that the son of Elected Official A was an independent contractor working for his political consulting firm.”

The report was very careful not to name who “Elected Official A” was, but obviously it appears Rep. Fattah’s troubles may have only just begun.

PA-Gov: Planned Parenthood Hits Corbett with Top Ten List

Tom-Corbett-upsetPlanned Parenthood is taking a page from David Letterman in order to torment Governor Tom Corbett.

The Planned Parenthood PA PAC announced today that they will release their “Top 10 reasons why Pennsylvania women can’t afford four more years of Corbett” once a week, every week until Election Day.

“The hardest part may be stopping at just 10,” said Sari Stevens, Executive Director.

“It is especially important to note on Women’s Equality Day the damage that Tom Corbett has done to women by spending the last four years pushing through policies that harm women’s health and roll back the gains women have made over the years to advance themselves and their families,” Stevens continued. “Women are watching his agenda, and they don’t like what they see.”

As for their No.10 reason? They went with one of the Governor’s more famous statements.

“Corbett attracted national attention with his offensive and ignorant comments about a state bill that would force doctors to perform a mandatory ultrasound on women seeking an abortion, and describe what they see to the woman even if she doesn’t want to see or hear it,” they wrote. “His advice to the women who would be subjected to this politically motivated process designed to shame and demean them: ‘I don’t know how you make anybody watch, okay? Because you just have to close your eyes…’”.

Suffice to say, Planned Parenthood’s PAC plan on being a thorn in the Governor’s side throughout the fall campaign.

SD-26: McGarrigle Announces Support for Severance Tax

Tom-McGarrigleIt’s not every day a Republican supports a tax, let alone a tax on natural gas drilling. Yet Tom McGarrigle is out to prove the conventional wisdom wrong.

The contest for the State Senate’s 26th district is one of the most competitive in the commonwealth and could very well determine control of the chamber.

GOP nominee Tom McGarrigle sought to illustrate his policy (and moderate) bona fides by calling for a 4% severance tax on natural gas drilling in an op-ed for the Delaware County Daily Times.

“This was a summer of missed opportunity in Harrisburg,” McGarrigle wrote. “That missed opportunity – the chance to impose a severance tax on corporations extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale – will hurt homeowners in the form of higher property taxes and Pennsylvania students in the form of less money in our classrooms.”

McGarrigle acknowledged that the concept of a severance tax was “taboo among Republicans in the Legislature.” He asserted that the revenue generated would go to funding schools, which would in turn reduce property taxes.

“We have a booming natural gas industry that is making billions of dollars annually,” the Delaware County Council Chairman explained. “Meanwhile, Pennsylvania’s fee on Marcellus Shale natural-gas wells is the lowest among 11 states. The severance tax of 4 percent that I have proposed will put Pennsylvania in the middle of the pack compared to other states. Natural gas companies would pay their fair share, and it would not hinder the future development of the industry.”

McGarrigle is currently running against Democratic nominee John Kane, the head of Plumbers Local 690.

8/27 Morning Buzz

PA-state-flag6We take a look at the Corbett-Cawley team, ask our readers which party will control the State Senate and unveil the results of our reader poll on a possible Lt. Governor debate. Good morning politicos, here’s the Buzz!

Staff Profile: Governor Corbett’s Re-Election Team: We take an in-depth look at the Corbett-Cawley staff.

Reader Poll: Who Will Control the State Senate?: We ask our readers which party will control the upper chamber of the state legislature after the November elections.

Reader Poll: There Should Be A Lieutenant Gubernatorial Debate: Our readers feel the Democratic and Republican nominees for Lt. Governor should face-off one-on-one.

State House Sound Bites: State lawmaker calls state’s DUI penalties “too slight”
State House Sound Bites: Impact of alleged theft by city treasurer reaches Harrisburg
PA Independent: Hailing the chief: Pittsburgh’s hunt for a police chief drawing to a close
PLSReporter: Debate continues on possible impact of EPA’s proposed carbon emissions standards
Capitolwire: Kane issues subpoenas in wider review of gas royalty payments
Capitolwire: Basic Ed circuit riders to boost awareness for need of ‘fair and predictable’ school funding

WHYY Newsworks: Philly schools again rely on first-time principals to overcome budget crisis Is shaming a legal form of punishment for crime?
The Inquirer: Teachers at Philly tech charter school ratify first-ever contract
The Inquirer: Temple president: University investigating alleged anti-Semitism
KYW Newsworks: Pa. couple plead guilty in Craiglist killing

Daily Local News: Chesco GOP leaders attack Wolf; challenger fires back
Daily Local News: Coatesville OKs 10-year comprehensive plan
Montgomery Media: Man charged in stabbing at Telford bar
Pottstown Mercury: Pediatricians urge later start times for school
Pottstown Mercury: Chesco GOP leaders: What is Tom Wolf hiding?
Unionville Times: GOP officials blast Wolf on tax returns

Pittsburgh Business Times: PUC to consider updating transportation regulations for ride-sharing
Pittsburgh Business Times: Pittsburgh region’s jobless rate remains at 5.3 percent
Post-Gazette: Allegheny County offers more details on rangers replacing police in parks
KDKA: EXCLUSIVE: AG Kane Talks About Criticism Of Her Work

Beaver County Times: Pennsylvania natural gas development leading to reverse brain drain
Beaver County Times: Corbett hopes for cracker plant decision early next year
Beaver County Times: Wolf tours Aliquippa Elementary School
Altoona Mirror: Shuster: Local VA doing good job
Altoona Mirror: Braham’s family wants hazing to become felony

Times Leader: Fewer jobs, but unemployment rate slips 0.1%
Times-Tribune: Scranton looks to insurance to cover firefighting costs
Citizens Voice: Lawsuit settlements up for council vote
Standard Speaker: City council to reconsider questionable grant proposal
Pocono Record: Money for roads, bridges to be shared with Pocono, Barrett townships

South Central
York Dispatch: Live coverage: York County police chiefs agree to community forum
York Dispatch: Meckley: Academic performance ‘declining’ in York City schools
York Daily Record: York County 2014 November ballot
Roxbury News: Women4Women2014 – Rally at the Capitol.
Harrisburg Patriot News: Poll finds support for more money for public schools despite underestimating what is already spent
Harrisburg Patriot News: Chinese-made U.S. military coins should be outlawed, Stilp says
Carlisle Sentinel: Chiefs of police to present communications concerns to Cumberland County commissioners
Carlisle Sentinel: Female candidates for general election celebrate Women’s Equality Day
Lebanon Daily News: Women’s Equality Day rally at Capitol in Harrisburg
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: Gray supporting Comcast because it supports city, petition opposed
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: Lancaster County commissioners to consider two more farms for preservation

Lehigh Valley
WFMZ: Former Pennsylvania lawmaker to take another shot at state House seat
Morning Call: Easton audit reveals eighth straight surplus
Morning Call: Saucon Valley district, union ‘further apart’ than ever
Express Times: Saucon Valley can’t fire its teachers if they strike, attorney tells resident
Express Times: Oxford Township without a government following mayor’s resignation
Reading Eagle: Hamburg School District lost millions in interest-rate swap, auditor general says
Reading Eagle: U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach talks about changing veterans’ care during visit to Phoebe Berks
Reading Eagle: Unemployment in Berks stays at 5.5 percent

North by Northwest
Centre Daily Times: Philipsburg-Osceola school board shelves pay increase debate
Erie Times-News: Erie County Council OK’s new purchasing job

Onward State: Distraction of the Day: Joe Paterno The Politico
Morning Call: Joe Sestak: Global effort necessary to stop terrorism’s financial networks
York Daily Record: NAACP police forum a great idea (YDR opinion)
Times-Tribune: Fairly weight test results
Post-Gazette: Sloppy work: The bungled probe of two police officers is no joke
Delco Daily Times: Cop militarization should not be norm Union rules needed
Carlisle Sentinel: Our View: Keep equality in game land fees
Harrisburg Patriot News: Hillary’s harshness may be her undoing: Cynthia Tucker
Harrisburg Patriot News: Looking to break up the state’s (mostly) all-boys club, Democratic women rally at the Capitol: John L. Micek
Harrisburg Patriot News: Corbett cheers gas drilling at Pittsburgh Airport: Tuesday Morning Coffee
Harrisburg Patriot News: Here’s how we can fight the new evil in the Middle East: Joe Pitts
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: Let Tom march: Labor shouldn’t ban Corbett from Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: Per diems for Pa. legislators ripe for abuse

Liberty City Press: Pols on Pot Part 2
Commonwealth Foundation: Union Lobbying Holds Back Lottery Performance
Commonwealth Foundation: Poll: Voters Vastly Underestimate Education Spending, Majority Grade Schools D or F
Commonwealth Foundation: Six Facts About Voters’ Views on State Education Spending

Staff Profile: Governor Corbett’s Re-Election Team

Meet the staffers who are working to re-elect Governor Tom Corbett and Lt. Governor Jim Cawley.

Mike Barley, Campaign Manager

Mike Barley has been running the Corbett-Cawley re-elect effort since April and has a deep history of ties with the state Republican Party. Prior to joining the Corbett campaign, Barley had been Executive Director of the PA GOP for two years. Before that he served as Communications Director and head of the Technology Department for the state party. Mike is a Hummelstown native and graduated from Millersville University. He currently lives in Palmyra.

Nan McLaughlin, Finance Director

Nan McLaughlin and Tom Corbett go back a long way. She worked on the Governor’s 2004 campaign for Attorney General in 2004 as a senior advisor and returned in the same role for his 2008 re-election. McLaughlin then went on to become the Finance Director for Corbett’s initial 2010 campaign for Governor. She will be back again in that position for the Governor’s re-election effort. McLaughlin served as a Deputy Chief of Staff back in the Ridge Administration.

Mike Downing, Political Director

Mike Downing is a long-time Corbett staffer who is making the jump from Harrisburg to the campaign staff. Downing was most recently a Deputy Director in the Governor’s Public Liaison office. In 2011, Downing served as the Governor’s Director of Correspondence. Prior to that, he was deputy political director for the state Republican Party.

Chris Pack, Communications Director

Chris Pack joined the Corbett-Cawley campaign as communications director in March 2014.  He previously served as a communications director and press secretary in Washington, D.C.  He is a native of Buffalo, NY and received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the State University of New York at Albany.

Bob Salera, Research Director

Bob Salera is an attorney and former Director of Correspondence for Governor Corbett. He previously worked for the state Republican Party as Western Regional Manager in 2012 and as a field staffer in Washington County in 2010.  Bob is a Pittsburgh native and a graduate of the University of Maryland and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Ashley Jordan, Deputy Finance Director

Ashley Jordan has been Deputy Finance Director to the Corbett-Cawley re-elect team since the 2010 campaign ended. She started working for the Governor back during his first gubernatorial race in 2010 as a public policy intern. Additionally, she served on Corbett’s Inaugural Committee in 2011.

Doug Rickards, Comptroller

Rickards is another long-time Corbett aide. He worked for then-Attorney General Corbett during his first bid for Governor in 2010.

Billy Pitman, Press Secretary

Pitman was promoted to the position of campaign press secretary last month. He was previously a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Republican Party and worked in 2012 for the RNC in their unsuccessful effort to carry the Keystone State for Mitt Romney. Pitman is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University. In the immortal feud between Duke and UNC, Pitman supports the Blue Devils.

Jess Valen, Press Assistant

Jess Valen started as an intern for the Republican Party of PA in 2010.  After college, she started working for the Corbett administration before joining the Corbett-Cawley Campaign in May.  Valen graduated from Penn State University in 2012 and is originally from San Diego, California.

Darin Bartholomew, Travel Assistant

Darin Bartholomew joined the Corbett-Cawley team after his graduation from Temple University. Last year Darin was the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans and in 2010 he was a volunteer on the Governor’s campaign.

Jake Felker, Staffer

Felker got his start as an intern for Tom Corbett’s first campaign for governor in 2010. He also worked for Corbett’s Inaugural Committee. In 2011, he became the state Republican Party South Central Regional Field Director. He graduated from Penn State University in 2012 and is a native of Middletown.

Vince Paese, Staff Assistant

Paese is a relative newcomer to the staff. He began interning with the campaign over the summer after graduating from American University last spring. As of the fall, Paese is joining the campaign full-time as a staff assistant. He is from the Harrisburg area.

Reader Poll: Who Will Control the State Senate?

PA_State_Senate_districts_by_party_svgThe State Senate has been a Republican stronghold for years, but Democrats believe this could be their year to finally become the majority.

The current composition of the upper chamber gives the GOP a four seat advantage (27 to 23) but with Tom Wolf holding a solid lead in the Governor’s race, his party is hoping his coattails are long enough to drag in the sufficient number of Senators to hand the chamber to the Dems.

To accomplish this, though, the Democrats would have to prevail in a number of closely contested races. As broken down by Thomas Fitzgerald of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the current Democratic plan is to hold two seats in Western PA (which is becoming more conservative) and pick up three seats in Eastern PA (which is becoming more progressive).

This will be a tough task for Democrats, the equivalent of drawing a straight flush in poker. Still, the Dems believe a blue wave led by Wolf would provide enough momentum to pull off just such a feat.

Republicans counter that the incumbency advantage, as well as the tendency for midterm electorates to lean more conservative than presidential electorates, favors the GOP.

So, we ask you our dear readers, which party will control the State Senate after the November elections?

Which Party Will Control the State Senate After the November Elections?

View Results

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Reader Poll: There Should Be A Lieutenant Gubernatorial Debate

Cawley-StackAt the moment, three gubernatorial debates are scheduled but there are no such forums for the state’s Lt. Governor nominees.

Our readers feel that should change.

Last week, we asked our readers whether they’d like to see a debate between Lt. Governor Jim Cawley and Democratic nominee, State Senator Mike Stack.

332 readers voted to have a contest between the Lt. Gov candidates while 176 respondents felt there was no need.

The full results are included below:

Should There Be a Lieutenant Gubernatorial Debate?

  • Yes (65%)
  • No (35%)

Total Voters: 508

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8/26 Morning Buzz

PA-state-flag6State Rep. Adolph gets a new opponent, state agencies don’t keep their deleted emails and a look at gubernatorial reelection rates across the nation. Good morning politicos, here’s the Buzz!

PA-165: GOP Rep. Adolph Gets Wealthy New Opponent: Adolph will now run against multimillionaire retired hedge fund manager Charles Hadley for District 165.

State Agencies Keep Deleted Emails for Only Five Days: Is the state deleting important public records or simply trying to maintain a neat inbox?

Which States Have the Highest Gubernatorial Reelection Rates?: Six states have not seen a governor lose a reelection bid over the last half century with Vermont and Connecticut boasting the most impressive incumbency advantage resumés.

SD-10: Rendell Endorses Cickay: The former Governor shows his support in order to consolidate Democrats behind the State Senate nominee.

PA-6: Costello Endorsed by the NFIB: The National Federation of Independent Business announced they are backing Ryan Costello’s congressional campaign.

State House Sound Bites: Commission tries to figure out school funding formula
AP: Rep. Perry says immigration is a “top concern”
PA Independent: Conflicting rules create ethics conundrum for mortuary inspector
StateImpactPA: State regulators take a closer listen to gas compressor stations
StateImpactPA: Drilling underway at Pittsburgh International Airport
StateImpactPA: FEMA: no flood assistance for property owners with natural gas leases
PLSReporter: JOBS1st summit talks innovation in connecting employers and job seekers
Capitolwire: The ‘challenging’ history of education spending in PA.

Philadelphia Death by law enforcement: What data tells us – and what it doesn’t
Commonwealth Confidential: Hear no evil, see no evil…
WHYY Newsworks: Devices could short-circuit ability to read facial emotions
PhillyClout: Tayoun changes tune on Public Record’s “Chinky Winky” photo caption
KYW Newsradio: Phila. Veterans’ Group says city is shortchanging military vets

Montgomery Media: Ownership transfer of formal Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base delayed due to environmental issues
Bucks Local News: Lower Makefield to apply for $438-thousand county open space grant to help preserve Patterson farm
Bucks Local News: Morrisville Borough pays $185,000 to settle civil rights lawsuits filed by two borough police officers
Pottstown Mercury: Pa. school districts sitting on billions in reserves
Daily Local News: East Pikeland man charged in pot growing operation

Tribune Review: Corbett, Fitzgerald welcome gas drilling at Pittsburgh International
Tribune Review: Peduto forms task force to win funding for pre-K education
Early Returns: Corbett, Wolf campaign in Pittsburgh
Early Returns: New PAC involved in state Senate contest
Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh airport gas drilling project lauded
Post-Gazette: Allegheny County to offer financial helping hand to some group residents
Pittsburgh Business Times: Pickens: Pennsylvania natural gas production approaching that of Texas
Pittsburgh Business Times: RMY adjunct professors form organizing committee, looking to join USW
Pittsburgh Business Times: Judge clears way for NLRB to subpoena UPMC

Altoona Mirror: Local experts discuss conflict in Israel, Gaza
Johnstown Tribune Democrat: Political decisions at state, national levels impact local drug initiatives
Johnstown Tribune Democrat: Penn State president steers clear of campus controversies in press club address

Times Leader: Wyoming Valley West cracking down on truancy
Standard Speaker: Joint authority’s attorney’s fees to be covered

South Central
Harrisburg Patriot News: Pa. Lottery outsourcing critics say Illinois’ failed privatization could have played out here
Harrisburg Patriot News: State workers pay less for health benefits, report finds: Monday Morning Coffee
Carlisle Sentinel: Bloom: Carlisle Circulator program not worth its cost to taxpayers
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: Lancaster city receives first ‘Sustainable Pennsylvania Community’ certification
York Dispatch: Perry meets visually impaired workers at ForSight Vision Center

Lehigh Valley
Express Times: Easton finishes eighth year in a row with surplus, mayor says
Morning Call: Compliance board? Compliance office? Allentown proposes both for water/sewer lease
Reading Eagle: Reading City Council overides mayor’s veto of water lease agreement

North by Northwest
Centre Daily Times: Town, gown leaders try to build community spirit
Centre Daily Times: Moshannon Valley EMS gets grant funding from FEMA
Williamsport Sun Gazette: LEGISLATIVE TALLY

Harrisburg Patriot News: How the media get Hillary wrong: Michael Smerconish
Harrisburg Patriot News: In Ferguson, the fruits of a failed drug war: Ronald Fraser
Harrisburg Patriot News: Routinely ‘delete and cleanse’ state emails? Closer oversight needed: Editorial
Reading Eagle: Editorial: Pledge never to raise taxes does not serve constituents
Pottstown Mercury: Time running out for Pa. property tax reform
Daily Local News: In defense of those who are the defenders
Post-Gazette: Parade of error: Let Gov. Tom Corbett march on Labor Day
Post-Gazette: Start writing: Superior Court showed good sense in Joan Orie Melvin case
Lancaster Intelligencer/Era: Dumeyer at helm of Lancaster County GOP

Commonwealth Foundation: Podcast: Profiles in Perseverance, Overcoming Poverty

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