Shuster Withdraws FAA Amendment Opposed by Sully Sullenberger

By Frank Filkosky, Contributing Writer

Rep. Bill Shuster has withdrawn his amendment that aimed to, “improve the rule-making process at the FAA” [Federal Aviation Administration], reports Aviation Today.  The amendment had drawn high-profile opposition from hero pilot Captain Sully Sullenberger.

An instant public icon after saving the lives of 155 people in the “miracle on the Hudson” two years ago, Sullenberger openly criticized Shuster’s proposed Amendment saying, “I think it represents a giant step backward in terms of aviation safety.”

Sullenberger appears to have won the day, as Shuster cited the delay his amendment would cause the FAA reauthorization bill in the House – delay resulting from the fact that the amendment was attracting such opposition. Shuster did not mention Sullenberger in his statement.

“It is apparent that the inclusion of my amendment in the FAA bill may slow down conference negotiations and delay the adoption of this critical legislation,” said Shuster.

Shuster said previously that his amendment aimed to streamline regulations, allowing for money to be saved without sacrificing any safety regulations.

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