State Obamacare Exchange Among the Cheapest


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There is good news today for those that need to get health insurance in the federally funded marketplace, as well as for beleaguered supporters of Obamacare.

Estimates released today by the Obama Administration show that prices in Pennsylvania’s exchange will be below the national average and rank tenth lowest out of the 47 states where data were available.

The state average for a mid-range plan, which doesn’t include out-of-pocket costs or tax credits to benefit low-income families, is $286. Nationwide the average is $328.

The least expensive “bronze” plan would be $229.

According to the report released by the Department of Health and Human Services, in Pennsylvania the average Silver plan for the average 27-year old is $170. If they have an income under $25,000, the cost with tax credits would average to $140. A family of four that makes $50,000 would pay $282 after tax credits.

These averages apply to silver health care plans which are the most common of the four available (bronze, silver, gold, platinum). HHS defines the metallic tiers based on a measure of the plan’s generosity.

Philadelphia residents will have 42 plans to choose from and the average silver plan before tax credits is $210. For those making under $25,000, it is $145 after credits and $282 for families making more than $50,000 after tax credits. Pittsburghers, meanwhile, can choose between 36 plans and face an average cost of $134. Those with incomes under $25,000 will average $139 and those over $50,000 $282.

There are, however, a few variables that could change premium prices including income, family size, age, hometown, and tobacco use.

The federal government is running Pennsylvania’s health exchange because Gov. Corbett declined the opportunity to create a state-run exchange. The federal government is at least partially managing the exchanges of thirty-six states.

One outstanding issue, though, concerns those who won’t be covered because Gov. Corbett chose not to accept the federal expansion of Medicaid. The governor offered to cover these individuals but only if they would receive private insurance instead.

Under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, insurers would be prohibited from denying people coverage because of pre-conditions or high costs. In exchange, those who are uninsured, who are generally healthier and cheaper to cover, would have to sign for health insurance.

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11 thoughts on “State Obamacare Exchange Among the Cheapest”

  1. KSJW says:

    The rate that I listed below ($95.90) is the sticker price that I pay monthly to HCC Medical Insurance Services, a private insurer. Shopping around would only give me an even better rate so I don’t know why you are asking me if I did that.

  2. Jay says:

    You can’t compare rates until you see what you are getting by way of coverage. My guess is that those with the best coverage are going to see an increase in their premiums. Obamacare is a great deal for those with no insurance or little coverage. It’s going to be a lousy deal for those with great plans and great coverage and eventually a lousy deal for those with good employer or labor union plans. There are always winners and losers. In this case, those with great coverage will be the losers. Those with no coverage will be the winners. They should have created a plan that would be beneficial to everyone but that is not what they did.

  3. Joe says:

    @The new liberal lion:

    The key word is WELFARE. My construction and general contracting business would love it if some of those “poorest of the poor” would work. I’d be happy to pay them so they can afford their own homes, land, food, and maybe even a family. Better then me subsidizing their laziness and sloth. The welfare state is antithetical of a free republic, but a Stalinist like yourself wouldn’t mind a little flavor of Marx, now would it?

  4. What do you do for a living Joesph? And by the way…as long as the Republicans are now entering the business of trying to teach the poorest of the poor how to be self-sufficient by denying 4 million people food stamps…maybe we can teach the filthy rich oil companies and the banks, how to be self-sufficient by stripping them of all that corporate welfare and subsidies that they receive each year! 😉

  5. Lucas Holt says:

    Wait until Tuesday for the nitty-gritty. There is nothing stated about deductibles, other out-of-pocket expenses, or what is actually covered by these plans. They fail to mention which providers will accept the insurance. Cheap insurance is useless if no one in your neighborhood accepts it.

  6. Joseph says:

    As a self employed, married man, I am proud to say that my insurance has spiked from $150 a month to $285 a month to subsidize some welfare parasites who refuse to work, or some worthless illegal who shouldn’t be here.

  7. Joseph says:

    The old Soviet Union Healthcare system, right here in America! And the dems (commies) propagate that we won the Cold War, or that it actually never happened.

  8. CentPADem says:

    Does THE TRUTH not matter?

    For KSJW the 27 year old self employed person – what have you been paying per month for coverage? What percentage or dollar amount has it been going up annually? Am I correct to assume it is from a private insurer? Have you tried shopping around to other insurers for a lower rate?

    For Leo Knepper – the article you link to shows that a 27 year old single person in Philly will pay $195 per month for coverage with no subsidy and $94 per month if the person qualifies for the maximum subsidy. Where can a 27 year old get health insurance in the private market for $94 per month?

    And as for THE TRUTH – you do realize that the exchanges are only for people to go to that currently have no coverage. The scare tactics out there seem to be to try and make the general public that already has health insurance believe that on Oct 1st they will have to start buying health insurance off the exchanges – NOT TRUE

  9. ACH says:

    As a self-employed, single mother of two, making well over 50,000 I am excited to save thousands of dollars on my health insurance costs because of Obamacare.

  10. KSJW says:

    As self-employed 27 year old, I love the fact that my rates just jumped from $95.90 (without any subsidies). Thanks, Obama!

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