State Senate Security Head Latest Resignation Tied to Sexual Harassment Claims

Justin Ferrante, the director of security for the state Senate, resigned Friday after reports he sexually harassed two subordinates became public.  

Ferrante resigned as the Inquirer and Post-Gazette were asking Senate employees about the accusations.  

The state Senate reportedly hired the law firm McNees Wallace & Nurick to investigate claims from two staffers, Sue Salov and Keah Tingler, of inappropriate conduct.  

Salov, Ferrante’s deputy, was reportedly sent “inappropriate graphics and cartoons, as well as a picture of male genitalia” according to the Inquirer.  

Sources also told the Inquirer that Ferrante texted Salov asking her if a picture of his genitalia would improve her mood and during a phone conversation he asked if one of Salov’s friends would show him her breasts.  

Tingler, the department’s receptionist, was reportedly sent pictures of feces by Ferrante after he used the restroom during work, and throw wet paper towels at her.  

Both Salov and Tingler declined to comment to the Inquirer for the story.

Over the weekend Pennsylvania Fire Commissioner Tim Solobay resigned his position after a sexual harassment claim against him became public, and last month accusations against state Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) and state Rep. Thomas Caltagirone (D-Berks) lead to calls for their resignations by Governor Wolf.

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5 thoughts on “State Senate Security Head Latest Resignation Tied to Sexual Harassment Claims”

  1. Hillary C says:

    Horny democrats…not everybody can get away with what horny Bill Clinton did…dummies…

  2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Which political party does Justin Ferrante come from? It must be GOP, since it was not mentioned.

    1. David Diano says:

      Yep. Republican from York County.

      Where’s Scott Wagner from? Oh.. yeah.. York County.

  3. Colin Front says:

    Thank you Senator Scarnati for acting immediately to terminate this guy.

    Now it is time for Leach and Caltagirone to go! Where are all the outraged voices? Why have they all gone silent? Is there a different standard for Democrats who harass women?

  4. Not me says:

    Yeah. You sent me a pic of your poop, so sending me a picture of your package would improve my mood. Then I have proof positive of your depravity, should be worth a few bucks! What classy people we have working so tirelessly for the taxpayers!

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