Stiles Drops Longshot Primary Challenge to Rothfus

Larry Stiles

Larry Stiles

Marine Corps veteran and businessman Larry Stiles ended his uphill primary battle against incumbent Rep. Keith Rothfus this week.

He cited his failing health.

“It’s not a huge secret that displacing an incumbent in the House is incredibly difficult. Compounding this challenge, I was targeting an incumbent of the same party in this primary,” he said.

“The decision, reached last night, was made because of my health. As many may or may not know, I’ve been suffering from cancer and the treatments are taking a serious toll my his condition and stamina. Bottom line – this was doctor’s orders.”

“Unfortunately… the big C is getting the better of me.”

Stiles announced his intention to challenge Rothfus back in April, when he judged Rothfus too conservative for the district.

“I would be considered more to the center than the left or the right. When you represent a district in Congress, you have to be in the middle,” Stiles said.

Rothfus will now face the winner of the Democratic primary between business woman Erin McClelland and the late Rep. John Murtha’s former Chief of Staff John Hugya.

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  1. flynnbw says:

    Semper Fi, Mr. Stiles.

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