Tarasi Withdraws from PA-17 Primary

Beth Tarasi announced today she is withdrawing from the Democratic primary for the 17th Congressional district.

“Today I am suspending my candidacy for Congress in PA-17.  I want to thank my supporters, volunteers, donors, and staff for their generosity over the past year.  You have made this campaign an experience I will never forget,” Tarasi said in a statement.

Tarasi’s exit continues to clear the field Congressman-elect Conor Lamb will have to face in the primary.  

“It became clear after the extraordinary circumstances of the special election in PA-18 Conor Lamb is a strongly-supported candidate, who in the new PA-17 would be a very worthy opponent for Mr. Rothfus,” Tarasi said.  

Lamb filed his petitions to run in the new 17th district to challenge Congressman Keith Rothfus (R-Allegheny).  

Tarasi’s announcement leave only Ray Linsenmayer in the primary race against Lamb.

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22 thoughts on “Tarasi Withdraws from PA-17 Primary”

  1. Bakrey Zissell says:

    good choice Bethis to remove your name on the ballot for a term for congress maybe I will support you in a future US Senate run or a governor run in 2022 if Pat Toomey decides to retire or when potentially tom wolf is term limited if he does wins reelection this year though I maybe will not is support you though because I will maybe support someone else maybe

  2. Lila James says:

    very smart and gracious move. The Progressive wing of the Party has to hold their noses here and work towards the common good.

    1. truth hurts says:

      is it not amazing how WOLF gave these people time to be talked out of running!!!!! make sure that they are not on the ballot. all i heard from the dems was how great this is because all these people have stepped up and are running.
      HA!!!! The wolf man is taking care of that good for pa.
      RIGHT good for the dems.

  3. Team Lamb says:

    But will her team still spend all their energy hate talking Lamb online? 🤔

    1. Love Note To Conor says:

      Maybe if Lamb wasn’t the Justin Timberlake half-time show of candidates, there wouldn’t be so much to talk about. He’s mediocre and vacuous, and he’s had everyone clear the way and give everything to him like he’s a savior for the party. He doesn’t even acknowledge women or people of color are part of the wave that got him elected, and he’s never done a thing for a candidate who wasn’t himself. Should I keep going?

    2. Beth Tarasi says:

      That’s a horrible thing to say Team Lamb. My team never said one negative or hateful thing about Lamb. That’s not the way we or Beth Tarasi does business. Your comment is incorrect and offensive.

  4. Ken Davis says:

    I know her volunteers won’t be happy but they have the right candidate already for that CD. A close race but Lamb should be a slight favorite.

  5. ValzCaddy says:

    Is Erin doing a write-in campaign?

    1. Steventodd says:

      Erin endorsed Conor Lamb at the time she withdrew. So did a make candidate whose name escapes me. I expected that Tarasi would have too, or will.

      1. Steventodd says:

        ^ male, not make.

  6. Chuckie Porter the raT says:

    A traitor to the godfather…la familia will move on since we owned Rotfus in the first place .

    1. BillyBats says:

      They know who you are assclown

      1. Frank says:

        The same schtick…

        1. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

          Billybatts…didn’t we dig you out of a hole…in pieces. Shoulda left you there.

          1. TonytheAnt says:

            Crawl back into your bottle of Jamesons and wallow in self-pity. You never would have had the balls to to dig the hole.

          2. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

            Do you know what an ant that crawls up someone’s pants is called? A piss ant. Good thing I drink beer. It gives me a lot of insecticide. I just bought a six pack so urine trouble now…piss ant.

          3. SammyBull says:

            Oh look! “Lil’ Chuckie no nuts” drinks beerzies and pees on insects!

          4. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

            Welcome aboard, Sammy! As a hall of fame rat, I salute you. Just wondering…when you turned on Gotti, did you use Chuckie Pascal as your lawyer to guide you through the cop station rathole? He has the best maps.

  7. Guest says:

    I dont understand.

    Like….if you’re on the ballot, just see it through. You owe that to your volunteers.

    1. Re: Guest says:

      No, this is the right move. It is smart for her and the party. People who just leave their name on to “see it through” are arrogant and selfish. Don’t waste valuable resources on a Primary that are better spent in a General.

      1. Guest says:

        So someone who has been running for the office for nearly a YEAR, been raising a decent chunk of money, recruiting a dedicated group of volunteers, had been established as the early favorite to win the nomination, should suddenly call it quits when someone else with star power enters the race at the zero hour, otherwise shes’s “arrogant and selfish?” Sorry, gonna have to disagree there. And I don’t give a rat’s ass what the party told her behind the scenes.

        1. Answer Desk says:


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