Torsella Pledges to Increase Transparency in the Treasury

Torsella2016 Pennsylvania State Treasurer candidate Joe Torsella has a new idea to increase transparency in the wake of the Rob McCord scandal: add vendors’ contributions to the state contracts database administered by the Treasury Department.

As a result, citizens would be able to find political contributions and state contracts in the same website, making connections more transparent and easier to find.

“Open and ethical government should have nothing to hide when it comes to the awarding of state contracts,” Torsella said. “It’s an issue where the Commonwealth is falling short, and this commonsense proposal would instead make us a leader on ethics and transparency.

“By adding political contributions to the Treasury Department’s contracts database and redesigning that tool to make it user-friendly, the next Treasurer can be a catalyst for open and transparent record-keeping and full disclosure of all public information related to vendors’ campaign contributions,” added Torsella.

Torsella, a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, is the only declared candidate so far running for the Democratic nomination for State Treasurer in 2016.

March 5th, 2015 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Harrisburg, Top Stories | 58 Comments

58 thoughts on “Torsella Pledges to Increase Transparency in the Treasury”

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