Trump Campaigns for Saccone

President Donald Trump made a stop just outside Pittsburgh on Saturday night to campaign for state Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) days ahead of the special election for the 18th Congressional district.

During his speech Trump touted the his administration’s steel tariffs, job creation, the recent news about North Korea, and his 2016 win.  

“They’re opening a lot of the steel mills up because of what I did.  Steel is back and aluminum is back too,” Trump said according to the Post-Gazette.  

Talking about North Korea Trump said, “Lots of good things, I think, are going to happen.  But we’ll see. … I think they want to make. Peace. I think its’ time, and I think we’ve shown great strength.”  

Trump touted Saccone, saying he needed him in Congress.  

“I need people who can help me.  And this guy can really help me: Rick Saccone. And he’s got a tough race,” Trump said.  

Trump contrasted Saccone’s support for his agenda with his Democratic opponent Conor Lamb saying he is acting “like a Republican” but “won’t give me a single vote.”  

Recent polls have shown Lamb within the margin of error or leading Saccone.  The special election will be held Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Campaigns for Saccone”

  1. Oliver Rosenberg says:

    Charlie O’Neill was also in #PA18 campaigning for someone to take his virginity.

  2. David Diano says:

    Trump spent 75 minutes babbling, and Saccone’s name came once or twice. Trump didn’t seem to know more about Saccone than his party affiliation.

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