Trump’s First General Election Ad Focuses on Immigration (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is dancing with the one that brung him.

Trump’s immigration comments were the first explosive story of the 2016 campaign, so it only makes sense that his first television ad would focus on the issue.

As we’ve noted, the commercial is set to hit the Philly, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg TV markets starting today.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Two Americas: Immigration”, seeks to draw a stark contrast between the two candidates.

In Hillary Clinton’s America: The system stays rigged against Americans,” the narrator states. “Syrian refugees flood in. Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay. Collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line. Our border open. It’s more of the same, but worse.”

“Donald Trump’s America is secure,” it continues. “Terrorists and dangerous criminals: kept out. The border: secured. Our families: safe. Change that makes America safe again.”

The ad is set to run from August 19th to 29th.

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7 thoughts on “Trump’s First General Election Ad Focuses on Immigration (VIDEO)”

  1. Michael Jr. says:

    Are you going to send the child-support check or not? Mom is really, really mad. She says you are a “shit-head dead-beat.”

  2. Michael says:

    aaron, no he hasn’t, but you who did go to prison for stealing money? BRETT COTT, aka “HaHaHa” and “Pat Unger.”

  3. aaron says:

    Has Seth Williams been indicted by the Feds yet???

  4. tommyd says:

    In Donald Trump’s America, beautiful Eastern European swimwear models will get to skip all that visa nonsense.

  5. Ches-Mont Dem says:

    Ah, yes. Because the key worry about us suburban voters is that there’s too much crime on our streets, and that illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs.

  6. Isaac L. says:

    It’s surprisingly bland. This feels like an ad geared toward the already convinced. Dropping this in Philly seems even more like a waste of money.

  7. David Diano says:

    Wow. What a waste of money in PA.

    The ironic part is “In Donald Trump’s America” he shows law enforcement supposedly stopping immigrants or criminals. But, all those apparent arrests were during Obama’s watch in Obama’s America.

    The Social Security reference is odd among all the police cars and copters. But, if Trump’s elected, there won’t be any Social Security for anyone to collect.

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