Video: ¡Es Larry Madaglia! SD-11’s First Spanish Language Ad

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Larry Medaglia, the Republican seeking to fill the seat of late State Senator Mike O’Pake, is making a play for the district’s sizable Spanish-speaking population.

It seems the basic language of politics is universal, as the ad focuses strongly on los trabajos (jobs).

Medaglia’s campaign has been running the ad below on Spanish language programming for three weeks, he confirmed to PoliticsPA.

The quotes below are PoliticsPA’s approximate translation of the ad.

In a video that’s on par with Univision, Medgalia says in Spanish, “Hello Friends, I am Larry Medaglia.”

Speaking (more fluently) on Medaglia’s behalf is Dr. Ivan Torres, President of the Berks County Latino Chamber of Commerce.

“Here is my very good friend Larry Medalia,” says Torres en español. “He is a candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate. I have known Larry and his family for a very long time. Larry has a plan to create jobs and will work to do necessary things for improving the community. Larry is our man.”

“And I am with you,” Medgalia concludes, then switches back to English. “I’m Larry Medaligia and I approve this message.”

Medaglia admits that he’s not fluent, but he has experience working with the Latino community. His first hire as Register of Wills was someone bilingual, to better serve Berks’ growing Spanish-speaking community.

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2 thoughts on “Video: ¡Es Larry Madaglia! SD-11’s First Spanish Language Ad”

  1. Glennis says:

    If they can’t speak English, they shouldn’t be voting. I would advocate actively working to derail any candidate pandering to the hispanic bloc. Fools like Madaglia won’t be happy until this country is forever divided by language and culture. Then they’ll blame someone else for the destruction of our once great nation.

  2. Kathleen says:

    If ever there was a reason to NOT vote for a candidate this is it. Taxpayers in PA are forced to pay $1.4 billion a year for services provided to illegal aliens, the majority being Latinos. Hundreds of billions of federal dollars are spent so as to provide information to those who take from our society yet refuse to learn our language.

    Latinos or any other ethnic group residing in PA needs or wants an pandering enabler such as Larry Medaglia. We have room for but one flag and one language in this country and Americans will not sell out our country or sovereignty in order for career politicians to garner votes.

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