Wagner Hits Mango on Campaign Launch Message

Wagner MangoState Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner (R-York) immediately went on the offensive against Allegheny county businessman and newly declared Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango.  Wagner’s campaign is pushing back against Mango’s message of fixing Harrisburg.  

“Paul Mango agrees with Scott Wagner. Harrisburg is broken, and it needs fixed. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but voters want the real deal when it comes to standing up for Pennsylvania taxpayers,” Wagner’s campaign manager Jason High said in a release.  

In the release, Wagner’s campaign touts his message of “Harrisburg is broken and needs fixed” as being seen throughout his campaign.  

The release comes the morning after Mango officially announced his bid for Governor next year.  

Wagner’s choice to go after Mango for his messaging is reminiscent of Trump’s “I alone can fix it” from his speech at the Republican National Convention last year.  

Messaging that Harrisburg needs to be fixed is not new to Gubernatorial elections in Pennsylvania.  In the 2014 election, Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf used similar messages.  Corbett ran his 2010 campaign on the same message.  

Wagner’s campaign points to his time in Harrisburg changing and the money he donated to Republican candidates.  Whether he continues that attack if state House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) jumps into the race is unclear.

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36 thoughts on “Wagner Hits Mango on Campaign Launch Message”

  1. Miltant Moderate Republican says:

    Will Mango make “Right to Work” a top priority or will he be another union stooge like Corbett?

    1. Real moderate says:

      Right to work is not a priority. Politically, it’s a loser. Economically, it won’t do that much for the commonwealth. It’s overhyped red meat that right wingers feed on. That’s it.

      1. Militant Republican Moderate says:

        You are living the past. Nobody ever said Michigan would do it and they have benefited.

  2. Yorkster says:

    I like Wagner in many ways but
    Not as Gov. I went to Mango’s announcement
    And though it was a tad long, it reflected his background and his integrity
    He had nothing to do with the Wolfman’s contract
    He reflects Duty, Honor, Country
    I plan on helping him as much as possible
    York gave us Leader, Wolfman and Wagner
    That’s enough

  3. To the Greeks says:

    Now now now Justin and Jason lets not argue and wait till Mr. Asher tells Val who to support.

  4. lminnich482@yahoo.com says:

    Mango looks like the preacher from Poltergeist II. Eke!

  5. Same old Same old says:

    Scott Wagner is the first candidate to claim ownership of a cliche. I mean really is there anything original about a candidate saying, “______ is broken and I’m going to fix it!” Blah blah blah…this is as old an idea as the horse and buggy and Wagner is quibbling with Mango over ownership of a cliche. Minor league candidacy for sure.

    1. Barricks Einwohner says:

      POTUS style of campaigning has emboldened all the Scott Wagners of the whole wide world that they too can win elected office by belittling, name calling, slandering and innuendo. Let the good times roll!!

    2. David Diano says:

      Barricks Einwohner-

      I wonder how POTUS impeachment will affect them?

  6. David Diano says:

    Every numb-nut running says:

    “Harrisburg is broken and needs fixing”

    But, Wagner and his pals are the ones who broke it.

    1. mako says:

      Diano is there a more clueless liberal shill on the planet than you?

  7. Michelle says:

    If anyone actually bothered to read what Mango said, it wasn’t stolen from Wagner. Honestly, if this is all Wagner has to say it’s a sign of how strong Mango is. And by the way, Wagner is hardly the first politician to come up with the theme that Harrisburg or Washington or any capital is broken…

    1. WTF says:

      “Michelle” We can thank Mango for being part of the problem. He was the genius that got a $2 million no-bid contract from Wolf to come up a new state budget. What did we get for our $2 million? 70 pages of fluff/BS! Mango has been bilking governments, including our state government, for a long time as an overpaid slick talking “consultant” who greases politicians and then cashed in by landing contracts to write fluff at several thousands of dollars per page. Think of Mango as the Paul Manafort of PA Politics.
      No thanks!

      1. realist says:

        Michelle – two words for you…Mike Turzai…muuuhahahaahahahaha!

        1. Michelle says:

          Two words for you: personal fortune. As in Mango can self fund his campaign and Turzai can’t

          1. realist says:

            Well my dear you are going to get a hard and expensive lesson about PA politics. Geography is YUGE. Just ask Paula Patrick, Jack Wagner, and 40 other people who thought they were going to win but discounted geography in some way.

      2. Michelle says:

        His company had the contract with Wolf, Mango had nothing to do with that work. He is a healthcare expert!

        1. McCandless says:

          It’s almost cute how naive your are. The senior partner for the firm had zero to do with a major contract firm had with a client from that partner’s home state. Riiiight.

          1. Michelle says:

            ha. You are the one being naive. You clearly have no idea how McKinsey works. It’s a global consulting firm and people rarely work locally. I believe it will come out that he had nothing to do with that work

  8. CentPADem says:

    Scott Wagner is a cry baby.

  9. WTF says:

    With that resume and background did you really need to steal the other guy’s speech? WTF Mango?!

    1. Michelle says:

      Did you read what Mango said? None of it was stolen from Wagner. That’s all a bunch of BS

  10. Observer says:

    Ouch. Reminds me of that sprinter at the Olympics who was supposed to do well but he tripped coming off the starting block, twisted his ankle and finished last. Not a good start for Mr. Mango.

  11. Bob says:

    All the hype about Mango and he just copies Wagner’s message? What a disappointment.

    1. thuglife says:

      I bet you said the same thing about Melania and her big speech. Most amazing speech by a First Lady in the history of the world. Do you think Ivanka could do better? We will see when I marry her.

  12. Hooah says:

    As a combat vet (Marine Corps) I am very disappointed in Paul Mango for stealing his opponent’s words. The military teaches HONOR. There are rules of engagement in war and even politics. This is very low, too low for me.

    1. thuglife says:

      Yeh, Mango should have gone for something original, like Prime the Pump. I just thought of that slogan yesterday, believe me. I have an amazingly good brain. Lots of people say so. You better believe it. Trust me.

  13. justsaying says:

    Mango and his team of over-paid consultants ( See John Bra-Bilker) were absolutely stupid to use the exact slogan Wagner has been using for months. You think that highly paid team would have come up with something original rather than lift the exact lines from Wagner’s message. How stupid can Mango’s team be? It’s amateur hour over at Mango HQ….

  14. Bucky Delco says:

    I bet Scott would not try to take a camera off of a West Point Graduate!

  15. Mike says:

    Wagner is nothing but a bully full of hot air. He is not fit to be driving a trash truck

    1. Barricks Einwohner says:

      Well maybe a trash truck.

  16. Steve says:

    I don’t understand Wagner’s point. He has accomplished nothing since serving in the state Senate. What has he fixed. Wagner has passed just one bill. How can Wagner be the champion of changing Harrisburg when he hasn’t accomplished anything? He’s a lot of talk and hot air but I just don’t see the results.

    And frankly, Wagner’s erratic behavior, at times, makes him take the insider route, saying he’s better positioned than others to know how to fix state government. A contradiction in messaging when you’re trying to pretend to be the outsider while saying your Senate insider.

    1. thuglife says:

      Are you referring to Wagner’s criminal behavior as erratic? Give him his due. This is typical Wagner conduct, not a one off. He is a thug.

      1. Deez Nutts says:

        You might wanna ask Dominic Pileggi that question.

  17. SWPA Rep says:

    I hope Wagner isn’t too mad about a similar message. We know he has no problem attacking people who get under his skin.

    1. thuglife says:

      Wagner exhibits thug behavior. So what? He’s a rich GOP white guy; he’s entitled. Trump said so.

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