Warm Welcome for Romney in Broomall

Broomall — Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney greeted an enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd at his campaign stop in Delaware County on Wednesday.

The event follows the former Massachusetts Governor’s comfortable victories in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia on Tuesday. With three weeks before Pennsylvania’s primary on April 24, Romney is expected to campaign aggressively in former Sen. Rick Santorum’s home state.

As Santorum visited voters in the state’s southwest and south central, Romney campaigned in the Philadelphia suburbs.

“Please help me defeat Barack Obama. He is so out of touch with the American people,”   Romney told his spirited supporters at the Iron Shop in Broomall.

Romney emphasized his private sector experience and slammed Obama as an economic lightweight with too little private sector experience to run a country.

“We have got to have a president who has experience in the private sector if we are going to create jobs in the private sector.”

Although he focused mainly on Obama’s lack of business experience and his flawed view of America as a “government-centered” society, Romney asked his republican supporters to “take the next step,” implying making him the Republican candidate for the general election.

Santorum currently enjoys a lead in polls in Pennsylvania, but three recent surveys have shown the gap shrinking.

Referencing Obama’s statement earlier this week that the 2012 presidential election will be a “defining moment” in the country’s history, Romney countered that the election will be a defining moment in maintaining America as an “opportunity society.”

“As he continues to pursue this government-centered society we become more and more like Europe, and Europe doesn’t even work in Europe!” said Romney.

Romney slammed Obama, saying the President believes that America must be transformed, rather than restoring the traditional values our country was founded on.

“It’s time for us to stop apologizing for success at home,” Romney said.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Pa. Democrats organized a counter-event in Havertown featuring state Sen. Daylin Leach and Delco Dems Chair David Landau. The release advertising the event billed it as, “welcoming Mitt Romney to Pennsylvania and asking him to explain his support for the Romney-Ryan budget that would end Medicare as we know it while preserving tax cuts for millionaire and billionaires.”

Romney is scheduled to appear in Harrisburg and Tunkhannock on Thursday.

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