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10 Days and 4 Broken Promises from Bryan Lentz

10 Days and 4 Broken Promises from Bryan Lentz

Still no explanation from Lentz on his dramatic switch on reform issues

DREXEL HILL, PA – Since last week, it has been well-documented that Bryan Lentz has broken four promises that he made on substantial reform issues. Here’s a recap:
LENTZ PROMISE: He said he wouldn’t take a state car.
LENTZ REALITY: He took a car.
LENTZ PROMISE: He said he wouldn’t submit for per diems.
LENTZ REALITY: He submitted for per diems.
LENTZ PROMISE: He said he wanted more transparency in state government such as no votes after 11pm and that legislation must have 24 hours with the public before being voted on.
LENTZ REALITY: He voted for legislation that rolled back those very reforms.
LENTZ PROMISE: He supported a ban on ghost voting and said that members should be on the floor to vote.
LENTZ REALITY: He admitted to having other members vote for him, and he voted for other members.
“This record of hypocrisy demonstrates one thing very clearly: we cannot trust a word Bryan Lentz says.  He ran on a reform platform in 2006 when voters were disgusted by abuses in Harrisburg, only to not follow through on any of these reform promises when he was safely in office,” said Bryan Kendro, campaign manager for Pat Meehan.  “How can we reform Washington with a politician who refused to reform Harrisburg?”
“Bryan Lentz has yet to clearly explain why he broke these important campaign promises, and voters should be very skeptical of Lentz keeping any promises he’s making now,” Kendro continued.

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