10 PA Politicos Make Campaigns & Elections “Influencers 500” List

Campaigns and Elections logoThe national magazine Campaigns & Elections is out with its annual list of the most influential political consultants in the country. Here are the men and women who made the list for Pa.

Note: the publication doesn’t have the article online yet. PoliticsPA will update with a link when it becomes available.


Charlie Gerow, CEO, Quantum Communications
Gerow has been in the field since the Reagan campaign and once ran for Congress. He knows how to formulate conservative messaging.

Leslie Gromis Baker, President, LG Strategies
A top fundraising consultant, she has deep ties to the GOP establishment.

David James, Partner, FLS Connect
James has state and national ties through his work for the RNC and as the former executive director and political director of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania.

Michael Long, Co-founder/Partner, Long Nyquist & Associates
Long is a top lobbyist and lead strategist for the state GOP.

Ray Zaborney, Founding Partner, State Street Strategies
He’s advised Republicans from Gov. Tom Corbett on down. Zaborney has also had success running issue campaigns.


Daren Berringer, 3dpolitical.com
An alum of Joe Trippi & Associates, Berringer hung out his own shingle in 2010 and has since branched out to international work.

Michael Bronstein & Matt Weaver, Co-founders, Bronstein & Weaver
They run one of the top mail firms in the state and are known for their urban microtargeting.

Larry Ceisler, Principal, Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy*
Ceisler does a lot of corporate work now, but the veteran campaign operative is still influential in the party.

Mary Isenhour, Partner, Isenhour, Rooney & Carey
Isenhour is an old Pennsylvania hand with ties to the state party, liberal groups and national Democrats. She ran Hillary Clinton’s Pennsylvania operation in 2008.

Neil Oxman & Doc Sweitzer, Co-founders, The Campaign Group
Oxman and Sweitzer are the go-to media guys for presidential campaigns on down in Pennsylvania.

*Ceisler is one of three owners of PoliticsPA

13 Responses

  1. There should be a listing of the mal contents. The people that sit around sniping in comments. It’s far easier to cut down other people then to do something productive.

  2. I’d rather read what Bob Guzzardi has to say than the sycophantic drivel left here (Joe Thomas).

    At least it’s informed.

  3. If you think Bob Guzzardi is a liberal, there’s no polite way to say it, you either have no idea what you’re talking about or you’re just an idiot.

    I don’t know too many liberals who buy into supply-side economics and support reactionaries like John Eichelberger and Mike Folmer.

  4. Apparently Bob Guzzardi (liberal in liberal clothing) is not shy about his envy. Someone should tell him that envy is one ofthe seven deadly sins.

  5. Congratulations to all! Why is bobguzzardi such a hater? All these consultants have centuries of experience, and they deserve a pat on the back for their success.Well done ladies and gentlemen.

  6. You guys are rough. How can you deny the success Mike Long has had and the fact he was not a factor in the Senate GOP losses in November

  7. Long Nyquist are lobbyists, which Campaigns and Elections, calls “political consultants”. Lipstick on a Pig, it seems to me.

    And it is good to Republican “political consultants” advise the liquor enforcement officers union. Would they be lobbying for liquor privatization? Unions, not what one usually associates with Republican Establishment Insiders but there it is and there is more for those who want to see what there is to be seen. http://longnyquist.com/clients.shtml

  8. This article fails to note Ray Zabourney’s unbroken record of never having lost an uncotested election.

  9. Charlie Gerow’s website Quantum Communications lists his “Client Successes”.


    2011 … 0

    2012 … 0

    2012 The GOP strategist’s role in helping Rick Geist lose his April primary is not noted.

    And in 2010, GID helpfully reminds us of his involvement in electing Senator Jane Orie, now on her way to jail.

    Oddly, 2009 does not note Republican GID’s “win” for Democrat Linda Thompson Mayor of bankrupt Harrisburg.

    Alledged reporter Robert Vickers quotes describes GID as a “GOP stategist”. Apparently, Vickers can’t take time to look at GID’s own web site.

    And the voice of Republican Hacks, Salena Zito is impressed with GID.

    GID’s mantra “It’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how many times you get your name in the paper.”

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