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10/14 Ups & Downs

Joe Biden, Tom Wolf and Billy Bush. See who made this week’s list!

Up ArrowHillary Clinton. This week saw four polls of Pennsylvania concerning the presidential race. Hillary Clinton won all four with leads of fourteen, eight, four and nine points. As a result, Sabato’s Crystal Ball shifted PA from “Leans Democratic” to “Likely Democratic”. Finally, Vice President Biden also lent a hand by stumping for the Democratic nominee in Bucks County.



Down ArrowDonald Trump. Speaking of the presidential contest, it was a brutal seven days for the GOP nominee. On Friday, damaging audio of Trump speaking to Billy Bush leaked out. That tape, combined with another debate loss on Sunday, have caused his poll numbers to plummet. Less than a month out, Trump’s chances at the White House are in dire condition.



Up ArrowRyan Costello. Given Trump’s troubles, there’s been some speculation about whether Dems could actually take over the majority in the House. Even if a blue wave were to form, however, Congressman Costello would very likely emerge unscathed. This week, Aaron Blake of the Washington Post moved the PA-6 seat from “Lean Republican” to “Safe Republican”. It’s a testament to Rep. Costello (and a sad commentary on Democratic nominee Mike Parrish) that a district that should be competitive won’t be on November 8th.


Up ArrowPA Voters. This one goes to all the new and existing voters in the commonwealth. Fourteen months ago, Governor Wolf introduced online voter registration to Pennsylvania. In that time almost 900,000 people have used the Department of State’s website to register or update their information. As a result, more applications were received this year than in 2012 or even 2008. This is a great step forward for giving PA citizens more access to the voting booth.


Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is week eighteen.





The tweet of the week goes to The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs.

9 Responses

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  2. It’s true, Rafferty has run a really bad campaign. It’s likely that he’ll lose by such a margin that he’s going to become vulnerable in his senate seat. With a large portion of his seat in Montgomery County it seems like a real risk to take to run against a popular county commissioner. Looks like Rafferty will FINALLY have to come off the government payroll. I wonder who will take the blame?

  3. I am quite certain that Trump will sink even lower and will try to drag this country down with him.

    Hillary is a breath of fresh air compared to that vile creature the Republicans made the face of their party.

    I will never vote Republican again.

  4. Where’s Rafferty? Trying to figure out what went wrong, John? It is you, the GOP leadership and your clueless campaign staff (in that order) that will show you get trounced in a few weeks. The inept GOP is not your fault: a criminal has run it into the ground. So I’m not sure if you were a better candidate and had a better plan, if you could win. Because the GOP followed the Corbett Circus Train right over the cliff with Tom playing with the whistle with Bob Asher shoveling in the coal and all the investors cleaning up their short term profits. This is why representative democracy always fails in history. It rots from the inside while the voters are promised less (or no) work, and more freebies from politicians who have figured out that those without can always out vote those with. So while the GOP frittered away the concept of self-reliance in exchange for insider greed, the Democrats in PA and nationally figured out the formula to win by appeasing the masses.

  5. Thank god the men in Elk County prefer mooses, although I did hear my idiot son got confused about a cow. Or was that Tim’s mother?

  6. Michelle Obama went “ape” claiming Trump was bragging about his “sexual assault”! But what she failed to tell you was that she took her daughters to a JayZ concert whose lyrics are far more repellent and demeaning to women than anything Trump or Billy Bush may have said! But she’s okay with that! More hypocrisy on display from the liberal left! It’s okay for black rappers to demean women by calling them b*tches and ho’s but the white guy to objectify a woman? Oh, that’s shameful!

  7. How about a poll–should Kathy Kane be given home confinement or do real jail time?

    Give her real jail time.

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