10/16 Ups & Downs

A DUI, a retirement and some intriguing endorsements. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Katie McGinty. It’s not every day that someone switches their endorsement, let alone a major statewide labor union. Nevertheless that’s exactly what happened this week when the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals dropped Sestak and endorsed McGinty. PASNAP had gone to the extraordinary step of throwing their support behind Sestak three years before the 2016 election. Yet according to the ex-Admiral, they threatened to rescind their backing if he missed a rally last year. McGinty also got a major boost when Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid predicted she would win. While Reid’s statement may not swing any votes, it could very well convince donors that McGinty is the candidate to get behind.

Down ArrowPat Browne. State Senator Pat Browne was formally charged with a DUI this week…again. This is the third time Browne has been caught driving under the influence in the past twenty years. The legislator’s attorney plead not guilty and asked for his client to be placed in rehab. Perhaps at long last Browne can get a handle on his problem before he hurts himself and/or others.


Up ArrowTodd Stephens. It’s tough winning a party primary. There is a much smaller pool of voters and it’s difficult to reach them. That’s why endorsements from influential leaders can mean so much. Over the years, State Sen. Scott Wagner has solidified his credentials as a hard-core conservative. This fact should help the man he is endorsing for Attorney General Todd Stephens. A State Rep. lesser known statewide than his opponent State Sen. John Rafferty, Wagner’s support could be huge for Stephens.


Down ArrowDonald Trump. We’re guessing “The Donald” wants to deport the people over at Public Policy Polling. Their latest survey shows that Trump still has the lead among Republican presidential hopefuls but only by a single point. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is right on the real estate mogul’s heels. In fact, Pennsylvania may be part of a national trend as Trump appears to have finally peaked. Or maybe he’ll find yet another way to take over cable news.


Up Arrow1Charles Ramsey. On Wednesday, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced his retirement. Ramsey meant a great deal to the City of Brotherly Love. He is Philly’s most popular individual and his pronouncement brought Mayor Michael Nutter to tears. While his successes were important, it was his erstwhile yet futile efforts at reform that were more inspiring (Philadelphia Magazine’s David Gambacorta wrote a terrific piece about this). He won’t be an easy man to replace but his service will always be remembered.

The tweet of the week goes to the Inquirer’s Jonathan Tamari for knowing how precious time is to Jim Webb.

18 Responses

  1. LOL … MTG is a moron. All that pomposity and then he gets it wrong. In Pennsylvania, there is MANDATORY jail time for your FIRST DUI conviction (unless the driver’s BAC is very low — between .08 and .10).

  2. Steve Todd, I occasionally see you playing amateur lawyer in the pennlive comments, and it’s just super to see you doing the same here. The law, of which you obviously know nothing, is clear that 3 DUIs do not call for prison if those three DUIs are not within 10 years of each other. His other DUIs were in the 90s. I know you like to play the “We the People” populist bullshit card, but you and the other common men would get the same treatment as Browne.

  3. Addiction is tough, and from alcohol especially so. I wish the Senator the best, in his recovery, should he opt to pursue it.

    Separately, though: Three DUIs in 20 years. Regular folks would get jail time (not in the country club, down in the county pokey). If they could afford to buy themselves rehab, they would also get that…after they paid their debt to our ‘tough on crime’ society, which Browne being all GOP and all is probably a big proponent of. For the other guy.

    Let’s see how this plays out. The Senator should be subject to not stricter nor more lenient treatment than regular folks who don’t golf with the judge and his buddies.

  4. I forgot to take my meds. Kathleen Kane is going to expose me for being a diaper-wearing kook in a funny farm.

  5. Judge Furber is a Political Hack from way back In The Lower Merion Narberth Republican Party Yet more evidense that This whole case against Kathy Kane is a Republican Political Hatchette Job . Throw this case out now before Kane brings down all The Corrupt Federal State and Local Elected People and appointed People and Government Employees Cause Kane has the Good on all of them and she is going to bring it out . This is one woman you are Not going Politicaly execute .

  6. If its like Allegheny County, they’ll flip the case to some political hack, such David Cashman (who the drug dealers called “cash man” because that’s how he liked his payoffs), to filter the testimony and put the proper political spin on things for the jury.

  7. H3-what makes you think Fina is going to testify? My prediction is that the MontCo DA moves to preclude his testimony and Carpenter grants the motion. How is it possible that Carpenter has not yet recused himself after authoring the prior opinions about Kane? Is there anyone in Pa that believes Carpenter can give Kane a fair trial??

  8. Reaper – I do hope her trial will be before the 2016 election. B/c the sooner the trial is, the sooner we get to see Fina on the stand … finally forced to answer questions about EVERYTHING — his porn … his racism … his woman-hating … and of course the leaks to Craig and Angela.

    POPCORN will be ready.

  9. Kathy Kane will Shock The World when she is Found not Guilty of all Charges and goes on to Win ReElection . Kathy Kane Is The Best and Hottest thing that has ever Happened to The PA AGs Office In your Heart you know shes right .

  10. H3 – Your secret admirer is here too! He just can’t stop pretending to be you. Quite an honor.

  11. Wagner definitely has credibility with cinservative. BUT, is Stevens willing to run without the party endorsement? Unlikely.

  12. i can’t tell if weezy is being genuine or an asshole. but big props for sin. shes gonna kill it

  13. No up arrow for my home girl Sincere Harris, the new E.D. of Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee? Y’all reporting is suspect, ya heard.

  14. I don’t understand why Kathleen Kane doesn’t get an automatic up arrow during any week when she manages not to do something stupid.

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