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10/23 Ups & Downs

Fundraising, endorsements and campaign commercials. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowJoe Sestak. Since Sestak has been running for the Senate essentially since 2009, we’ve gotten used to the fact that his campaign doesn’t release any fundraising numbers ahead of time. Therefore, it makes for quite the late revelation every quarter when they finally come in. This was a particularly tough quarter for the candidate as he raised just $551,000 compared to the $1 million McGinty pulled in. As a result, despite a significant head start, Sestak has only about $1.5 million cash on hand lead over his party establishment’s preferred choice.

Up Arrow1Anne Covey. The GOP nominee for State Supreme Court received a famous endorsement yesterday. Former Pittsburgh Steeler and Penn State Nittany Lion running back Franco Harris is not only supporting the Commonwealth Court Judge but appeared in an ad for her. Covey is beloved by PSU alumni for her role in the lawsuit against the NCAA and given the amount of Penn State supporters in the Keystone State that can only help her come election day.


Down ArrowMike Parrish. The Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District has been preparing a long time for this race. He entered the 2014 contest only to be forced aside, but his 2016 hopes were always apparent. That’s why it was so surprising to see that he raised just $29,000 in the last fundraising quarter. Considering that prognosticators deem this a competitive race the discrepancy in cash between himself and incumbent Congressman Ryan Costello is incredible. Parrish may soon find that the nation’s pundits no longer believe he can win this race.

Up ArrowChristine Donohue. With the judicial elections less than two weeks away, endorsements have come pouring in for the various Democratic and Republican nominees. Donohue, however, snagged one of the few to cross party lines when the pro-business PEG PAC endorsed her. So, while the negative ads continue, this support was a big victory for the Democratic nominee.


Down ArrowBrendan Boyle. On Monday, Congressman Boyle tweeted out that he had heard Vice President Joe Biden would run for President in 2016. On Wednesday, the VP announced he was not entering the race. As a former Texas Governor once said, “Oops”.



This week was so eventful we can’t pick just one tweet. Therefore the honors go to both Will Bunch of the Daily News and Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer.

41 Responses

  1. OK … Got it …

    Not really … I stopped reading when you figured out that two people can be on a website at the same time … LOL … Stay stupid, my friend.

  2. H3, I am SHOCKED that you and Pat Unger are on here at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME! As I have said before (you can look it up), if a state trooper pulls you over for speeding, and you were speeding, there will be no defense to claim that three other cars were also speeding. You’re guilty. The billboard owner in your hypothetical is guilty under the law and better pay the fine. Does selective prosecution erode the public’s trust in the enforcement authority? Of course. And it shouldn’t happen. But the easiest way to avoid it is to not break the law.

  3. I can’t believe I am doing this … but here goes:

    MTG – I have repeatedly stated that, if Kane illegally leaked protected grand jury material to get even with s political enemy, she should go to jail. You know that. I have said it on other articles on which you were commenting (perhaps under different names).

    So – can we put that aside? Have I said it enough times?

    Now … onto the tricky part (at least for people like you). It is entirely possible that Kane is GUILTY AS SIN and yet completely correct about the motivation for the fraud they called an “investigation” and the political nature of the prosecution.

    Let’s say you owned a billboard business. You build biiboards and rent spec on them to advertisers. Now let’s say that you do the same things that everybody else in the industry does. One of those things, let’s say, is using lights that are too bright under some local ordinance. Remember that everyone else in the industry does it too.

    Now – you get targeted by the Government for your too-bright lights. The Township wants to shut you down and have you pay a $500,000 fine.

    You are GUILTY AS SIN. Your lights were too bright. Are you OK paying the fine and shutting your business down?

    I have said this before too (copying Pat U.) — Selective enforcement is a form of corruption. You can look it up if you like.

    The reason Kane was targeted is also very clear now. One-Term-Tommy and Ryan thought they had destroyed all the evidence linking their pals to racist, disgusting, women-hating, material that they routinely swapped using their State computers. Some of the people involved had prosecuted people for similar CRIMINAL behavior. But Corbett and Ryan failed. Kane found the e-mails. And the folks who have a lot to lose have been on the attack ever since.

    Kane may be GUILTY AS SIN. Bit, like a lot of people, I don’t think she is getting a fair shake.

    // SLAMS MIC //

  4. Unger, there is no doubt that Eakin should resign, but for better reasons than you listed. First, there’s a difference between Kane’s chief of staff groping women and then getting promoted and Eakin looking at emails. That difference should be obvious. But, I’m actually a little surprised that Eakin’s emails haven’t resulted in women coming forward to accuse Eakin of being handsy. It’s never one thing that leads to a resignation. For McCaffery it was the emails (and he sent way more of them than Eakin) plus the cloud hanging over him from his wife’s getting referral fees from ambulance chasers. For Eakin, it could be whatever fallout comes from the emails.

    You continue to claim that the prosecution of Kane is a political witch hunt, but somehow that’s not defending Kane (you deny doing that). Political motivations are one thing, but facts in court are another. If she is convicted (by a jury or by a guilty plea), will you accept that she did in fact knowingly break the law? If she’s convicted, then this was not a political witch hunt, right?

  5. OK. Now we are getting someplace!! MTG thinks Eakin ought to resign!!! Ring the bells. He said something reasonable. Now – to answer his ridiculous question:

    Kane hasn’t been proven to have committed any crime. That may happen at her trial. But the political prosecution of the duly elected Attorney General of PA is nowhere close to that. They will have an uphill battle. They are probably still hoping to get her to plead guilty – which WILL NOT happen.

    Dem. Seamus McCaffery had the decency to resign when he got ensnarled in this debacle. Eakin – looks like he is going to drag the court down with him.

    It’s funny that the very same shills that say Eakin has committed no crime(s) were screaming bloody murder when a female employee made a (who knows if it is true claim) against Kane’s chief of staff. Apparently – it’s OK to be a racist slob Supreme Court Justice in their book. Pathetic.

  6. Verde, what crime did Eakin commit? I think he should resign, but I’m curious why he should be treated like Kriminal Kane.

  7. When is Wolfe and the senate Dems calling for Eakin to resign? Why has he asked Kane to resign and appointing a bi-partisan committee to remove her but silent in Eakin?

  8. Jessica – It is called selective enforcement and it is a form of corruption.

    Ferman and Steele need to act before Castor shreds them on this issue. They have to know it’s coming. They need to do the right thing – the only fair thing.

    The citizens of Pennsylvania need to see what really happened here. The leaks were a huge part of the smear campaign aimed at Kathleen Kane. Like her or not, she WAS the victim of a smear campaign. And the arrogance of the people going after her for one leak and then constantly leaking information is astounding. It needs to be brought into the light of day, like this e-mail Fina sent has been:

  9. I am certainly no fan of Kane’s. But I agree that Risa Ferman and K. Steele need to explain themselves. Why prosecute one leak and ignore the many?

    It makes the prosecution of Kane look slanted if they continue to ignore the leaks that attempted to hurt Kane during the investigation.

  10. Can I join this party? No seriously I am literally too dumb to know if it’s cool if I post here or not.

  11. aaron, MTG is riding a Clown Car with internet access and it’s a long way to Pervtown. So he’ll keep commenting and you keep being fake aaron and I’ll keep being Pat Unger and we’ll all avoid being FINAAAA! Repervlicans.

  12. I emphasize — “the substantive point.” There are very few of them around these parts, so I need to point it out so that I can refer back to it later.

  13. i agree on the substantive point, though. it is wrong for Ferman and Steele to go after one person for one leak while ignoring the constant leaks from the probe of Kane.

  14. Meant to say “leeks of corruption.” Leeks are tasty. Tasty like the tears of Repervlicans as they ride the Clown Car away from Camp Corbett. FINA!!

    I imagine Castor will free my boy Sandusky from the shackles of Fina and the Corbett Perv prosecution.

  15. Meant to say “reeks of corruption.”

    I imagine Castor will score a ton of points with this … when the time is right. The other option is for Ferman and Steele to do the right thing. Better late than never – especially in p[olitics.

  16. And now MTG is pretending to be Fina and a Corbett Perv and an occupant of the Clown Car. I wonder what MTG is doing right now. I wonder what kind of breakfast cereal Fina eats. Does MTG eat breakfast cereal? The Repervlicans are everywhere. I won’t take my meds. I can’t take my meds. Fina put things in my meds. MTG probably put things in my meds too. Or Larry, or Pat Unger — wait, I’m Pat Unger. No, I’m aaron. No, I’m HaHaHa. I hate Fina so much. Shillboy. Fina. Shill. Pervs.

  17. PA Dem – They are going to have to answer for that, right?

    I mean – how is it OK to go hog-wild on ONE ALLEGED LEAK and then ignore the MANY LEAKS that spewed to Craig and Angela at the INKY?

    Pat is right. This reals of corruption.

  18. I will NOT take my meds. You can’t make me! Repervlicans, clown car, Corbett, FINAAAAAA!!!

  19. H3, I’ll take a stab at your question: Could it be because fellow Republicans Ferman and Steele are much more interested in targeting a statewide Democratic officeholder than they are in actually plugging leaks?

    (And yes, I know that Steele is running for Montco DA as a Democrat…somebody should ask Marcel Groen about that.)

  20. Oops …

    Why haven’t DA Ferman and DA-wanna-be Kevin Steele started an investigation into the MANY leaks from the grand jury that investigated Kathleen Kane?

  21. Poor MTG … He just can’t put that keyboard down …. LOL … Glutton for punishment, it seems.

    Anywho – on another article – Pat Unger raises a good question:

    Why haven’t DA Ferman and DA-wanna-be Kevin Steele why their Office started an investigation into the MANY leaks from the grand jury that investigated Kathleen Kane.

    It has been said that selective enforcement is a form of corruption. If that is true and they are choosing to go after the one alleged leak committed by Kane while ignoring the MANY leaks from the Kane grand jury, then they are corrupt.

    When will the media ask them? If not the media – when will Castor ask them?

  22. Larry, you’re going to have to link me to that owning, because nobody has showed an understanding of the law or facts on Kane’s situation that impresses me.

  23. Again, I know that H3/Pat Unger is the same person and posts under multiple screen names, and I don’t really need to respond to any of them or their ironic accusation that I am impersonating other posters. H3 has never had any substantive arguments, and the H3/PU combo is a riff on “If you don’t have an argument, change the subject.”

  24. I seem to recall Ha3 calling for Kane to be held accountable for any crimes she committed, I think he even said jail time would be appropriate if she gets convicted.

    You, MTG (posing as other commenters) are quickly losing any credibility you had left.

  25. Obviously neither Eakin nor Fina did anything illegal like my hero, Kathleen Kane, who committed felonies. But, like any good Democratic shill, I will ignore Kane’s crimes and call for the prosecution of Eakin and Fina. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. Clown Car. Corbett Pervs.

  26. if Kane is to be believed, her office alerted the highly paid investigator of the Eakin emails that there were hundreds more , and gave that person a disc containing the most recent finds. for some inexplicable reason, the taxpayer-financed ‘investigation’ cleared the highly placed taxpayer- paid Eakin. We obviously cannot trust any future taxpayer financed ‘investigations’ run by the same group that botched the last one. a distressing affair to be sure– when yet another porn-loving justice of the Supreme court gets to retire and claim a taxpayer-funded pension like his buddy ex-justice mccffery , when instead Ekin should be impeached..

  27. Kane is about 1/150th the criminal that Fina & The Corbett Pervs are. After all, she is alleged to have leaked ONE THING. Fina & The Corbett Pervs have leaked A TON of protected grand jury material.

    There can now be no doubt what was really going on. The Clown Car targeted Kane because she had the goods on them. Imagine you make a complaint about a Police Offcer … or discover that he has been failing to pay his taxes or something. And then imagine that he and his department start stopping you for things that everybody else is doing too … jaywalking … littering … failing to use your turn signal. and then they start searching your house every other month hoping to find something … all the while they are getting information from people that work with you and who want you gone … That’s what happened to Kane.

    Corbett and Ryan tried to destroy the evidence against the racist creeps and pitiful perverts. They failed (of course). Kane discovered the e-mails and the rest is history.

    Selective enforcement is a form of corruption. Look it up.

  28. Obsever2, how can the Senate “go after” Eakin in the absence of impeachment by the House? The process they are using for Kane doesn’t apply to the Judiciary. And impeachment doesn’t apply until he does something criminal.

  29. James, gulag is a partisan idiot with a very angry streak. Pay him no mind. No one else does.

  30. And the endorsements the other judges received? They prove they were bought too, right Gulag? Come clean. What kind case did you lose before Judge Donahue.

  31. Christine Donohue got the PEG PAC endorsement because she can be bought. Just an unethical judicial slut.

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