10/28 Ups & Downs

Endorsements, poll watchers and jail. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. Our first arrow is obvious as this week we learned that Kathleen Kane’s long, sad drama will end in a jail cell. Despite pleading and invoking her two adolescent sons, the Judge found no sympathy for the former Attorney General. Instead, Kane received a jail sentence of 10 to 23 months as well as eight years of probation. In a way it was a fitting end for the Kathleen Kane tragedy.



Up Arrow1Barack Obama. In 2010 and 2014, even in 2012, Democratic candidates throughout the country didn’t want anything to do with the 44th President of the United States. With his approval rating back at early 2009 levels, though, President Obama is the most in-demand surrogate around (save for Michelle). On Tuesday, Clinton again sought to capitalize on this with a new TV ad. It doesn’t stop there, though, as Congressional candidates Steve Santarsiero and Christina Hartman touted endorsements from Pres. Obama. Even State House Democrats like Perry Warren and Elaine Paul Schaefer are showing off their presidential support. For a man who’s been criticized for neglecting his party it appears he’ll be a valuable asset for years to come.

Up Arrow1Hillary Clinton. Pennsylvania is a vital part of the former Secretary of State’s firewall. Therefore, she must’ve been encouraged by the latest New York Times/Siena Poll. That survey has Clinton ahead by seven points in both a two-way and four-way contest. It also doesn’t hurt that her outdoor rally with Tim Kaine last Saturday night went so well. In fact, Clinton’s even taken to actively advocating for Katie McGinty which suggests she’s especially confident.


Up ArrowDonald Trump. This might seem incongruent with the previous arrow but despite Trump’s struggle with the PA electorate, his strength over the PA GOP is considerable. That can be seen in the state party’s attempt to expand the number of poll watchers. Trump has not so subtly suggested that the Democrats will somehow steal the election from him in Philadelphia. After initially stating that he wasn’t worried about such an occurrence, Republican Chair Rob Gleason is now leading the effort for more bodies at the polling places. This is yet another example that, on both the state and national scale, Trump has been able to overtake the GOP. At this point, his base seems likely to stand behind him no matter what happens on November 8th.

Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is now week twenty.





The tweet of the week goes to our dear friend Keegan Gibson.

10 Responses

  1. Upper Darby
    has been held hostage for so many decades. They have the micozzie era . Tom the son reaped what a million plus from FAIR ACRES JOB . Free car gas ins.His father first ran as Democrat then realized no free rides unless you’re a Republican . So for the last 50 years the entire clan has built some great wealth off the tax payers back. Then they make a new district so the daughter can be a judge ,she had and has zero competence . The REIGN CONTINUES

  2. Just one more week til Trump back to being an irrelevant fake billionaire. But now he will have a tarnished (if not destroyed) brand and several victims of sexual assault to deal with. He probably already regrets this run.

    Hillary is going to CRUSH him.

  3. Can’t wait to see Dirty Don’s Stupid Orange face on 11/8. Fittingly – it will be a strong woman who puts him down.

  4. Wait until the House committee releases it’s impeachment report on Kane and we will see all the other evil things she did.
    She is a monster.

  5. No matter whether you agree or disagree with her sentence, thank god she has gone from the headlines. Her existence was torture for most people who pride themselves in being good officeholders and she disgraced our state with her national headlines.

  6. Be sure to mention Brian Fitzpatrick is inheriting his seat from his brother in typical PA politics fashion.

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