11/11 Ups & Downs

Triumph, heartbreak and super-majorities. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Donald Trump. What more can be said? A political upset that pushes aside 1948 as the most shocking of all time.





Down ArrowHillary Clinton. If: The most painful word in the English language. “What if? If only.” Those thoughts will linger in the former Secretary of State’s mind for the rest of her life.




Up Arrow1Pat Toomey. Polls had him down, sometimes by double digits. Prognosticators believed he was going to lose. The popular President, Vice President and First Lady campaigned against him. His own party’s nominee twisted him into knots to the point when he waited until about an hour before the polls closed to reveal his vote. With all that against him, Pat Toomey still won a second term.  



Down ArrowPA Dems. Pennsylvania was a blue state for six straight presidential elections. Not anymore. Additionally, the GOP won so many legislative seats that they now have a veto-proof majority in the State Senate and their largest majority in the State House since the 1950’s. The bench is thin for Democrats almost everywhere and that includes the Keystone State.



Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is week twenty-two.





The tweet of the week goes to Madeline Livermore. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

19 Responses

  1. I was disappointed that the mandatory judicial retirement ballot question moving the retirement age from 70 to 75 won. I think it is a big mistake. Had the question been more clearly worded it would have gone down the tubes.But the people have spoken and we have to live with it.

  2. Umm, Democrats hold every countywide office in Montgomery County, except the legally mandated minority Commissioner seat, which is held by an unqualified teenager. So tell us again how Marcel has destroyed the party in MontCo? Not a fan of his, by any means, but facts matter.

  3. Nice quote in the PG from 9/12/2015:
    “I want to thank all of you — especially the people who said ‘no,’ ” Mr. Groen said after he was elected. “Because I want you to get to the point where you come to me and say, ‘I was wrong.’

  4. How is it possible that there’s no down arrow for Senator John Rafferty? He tanked in a race the PA GOP should have won? The very first democratic AG resigns after being charged with crimes, the office is a total mess, Trump and Toomey win the state……how is it possible? Either some in the PA GOP sold him out or he had an awful campaign staff.

  5. I Told you so about Marcel . I Told you he would destroy the Democrat Party in Pennsylvania . Now read it and Weep . Marcel Destroyed the Democrat Party in Pennsylvania just like he did In Bucks County and Montgomery County . Marcel is an unmitigated Disaster .

  6. Where’s Marcel???-

    Well, I have certainly called for Marcel’s resignation or removal by no-confidence vote by the state committee. I suspect I am not alone in this desire, particularly after the coup that Marcel pulled to wrest control from the legitimately elected chairman.

  7. Lol, Tom Wolf was irrelevant a year ago! Where will they try to shove Katie down our throats next? She was rejected three times!

  8. So Election Day was last Wednesday and no mention from ANY entity of Marcel Groen???? Wasn’t he Tom Wolf’s choice to unite the party?? Yea, nice job Marcel, PA turned red!! It’s funny to go back and read all the comments from 2015 in favor of Marcel and how “wonderful” things will be under his leadership. Funny how Marcel criticized EVERYONE and 4 days post election I can’t find any articles where our State Chair has given a single interview, his name is not even mentioned. Wow, that’s a true leader!
    So there’s that!

  9. Just a reminder that we are all laughing at David Diano and HaHaHa. After a year of Democrats getting charged with crimes, it is so sweet to see national and state victories for the GOP. Hey guys, you may have lost the Supreme Court for the next 30-40 years, but at least you demanded that trannies have access to the bathrooms of their choice! Way to think it through!

  10. Tom Ridge should have been listed with a big down arrow. He felt the need to interject himself in this campaign several times, both in the primary and leading up to the general, to pull votes from Trump. Ridge clearly over estimated his stroke.

  11. Where is the down arrow for Diano and HaHaHa for being so wrong, so constantly wrong about the election….

  12. Kathy Kane just hired a new lawyer for her appeal and fired her lawyers from the trial. Wonder if she is spending campaign funds to pay for this unwinnable appeal? Emails released next week and Kane’s impeachment the week after.

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