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11/13 Ups & Downs

Several officials’ fates are up in the air on this Friday the Thirteenth. See who made this week’s list!

Up ArrowBudget Hopes. Could it be? May a budget deal actually be on the horizon? Over the last weekend, the Governor’s spokesman said there was a “light at the end of the tunnel.” Then, we learned that Harrisburg’s leaders had agreed on a budgetary framework. Of course, things still nearly unraveled when the GOP blanched at Gov. Wolf’s announcement on education spending but everything seems to be back on track. While the standoff still isn’t settled, after months of stalemate there is finally the real possibility of a deal.

Down ArrowTom Wolf. Speaking of that framework, its sources of revenues are an increase in the sales tax and more money from slot machines. You’ll notice that a severance tax is not mentioned. Wolf campaigned on a 5% severance tax and introduced a plan a month into office that he asserted would bring in $1 billion. It’s quite possible Wolf’s first budget victory could be marred by complaints from his base that a regressive sales tax was increased but natural gas drillers emerged unscathed.


Up Arrow1Down ArrowRichard Ross. Ross, who has served as Philadelphia’s First Deputy Police Commissioner for years, was chosen by Mayor-Elect Jim Kenney to take over the top job. On one hand, Ross will finally get the opportunity to serve as Philly’s Police Commissioner. Yet on the other hand, he will soon face all the heavy responsibilities that come with that job. Ross will also have to succeed Charles Ramsey, the most popular public official in the city. There are few positions that have more potential hurdles or a more intense spotlight. Still, we wish him luck.

Down ArrowMichael Eakin. It was difficult to imagine things getting worse for the State Supreme Court Justice. Against all odds, though, it did. This week we found out that the Counsel for the Judicial Conduct Board, Robert Graci, is a friend of Eakin’s that worked for his re-election. That could help explain why the Justice was exonerated when his emails were examined in 2014. Graci has since said he’ll step aside but it is now possible that an independent body could be formed to complete the investigation. The Justice just can’t seem to escape this nightmare.

Down ArrowChaka Fattah Jr. Congressman Fattah is dealing with his own legal problems at the moment, but it’s his son who was actually recently found guilty on 22 of 23 charges. “Chip” Fattah is still confident he’ll pull through (and he’s not afraid to defend himself at all times) although it’s tough to imagine how things could get much worse for the entire Fattah family.


Tweet of the week goes to the Inquirer’s Julia Terruso for setting the scene at the press conference urging Seth Williams to fire Frank Fina and his associates.

27 Responses

  1. Damn Pat. Your Groupie Troll is on you lately! He must be a really pathetic stalker … Sad. So sad …

    In other news:

    There is a Judge in MontCo who thinks his wife is now wearing a wire … and his tin-foil hat is no longer working.

    Eakin is laughing at the plight of Mexican immigrants … and rape victims.

    Castille is still shaking his head in disbelief. He can’t believe he has been exposed. He is no longer taking Graci’s calls.

    And Fina has his baseball card collection for sale on e-bay. No shock that none of his cards are Black players.

  2. Amen, Sen. Williams!!

    You are ao right. Eakin needs to resign. And the DA needs to fire Frank Fina – who we now know will never have the decency to resign.

    I still have hope that Eakin will do the right thing and spare the Court further embarrassment. Fina has been so humiliated that he has nothing left to lose.

  3. So Wolf got the budget shoved down his throat and is calling for Kane to resign. Why hasn’t he called on Eakin to resign?

  4. No HaHa – How could I possibly remember Kane doing any of those things? I wasn’t there. only remember Kane being accused of those things. And, until it is proven, it means very little to me. Especially when you consider that it was Castille, Carpenter and Fona behind those accusations. The criminal case against Kane reeks. Pull your head out from under that rock and you’ll be able to smell it.

    I also “remember” Fona saying he “is a lawyer” and therefore didn’t “need a lawyer.” Now he has a lawyer and he is suing for money.

  5. Ismael, you’re right! Remember when Kane released confidential grand jury materials to the press and then lied about it under oath? FINA made her do that! Remember when Kane fired someone who testified against her? FINA made her do that! Remember when Kane promoted a guy who was literally groping women who worked in AG’s Office (and not just sending some emails)? FINA made her do that! Remember when the HR director said the groper should be fired and Kane fired the HR director instead? FINA made her do that!

  6. The people behind the unabashed attack on the Attorney General are led by a guy who did not want to be outed as a racist and sexist. It’s now out in the open, though. He’s getting madder and madder, more desperate every day. Filing ridiculous lawsuits seeking money. Leaking things left and right. But it seems like the citizenry are on to him:

  7. Great point, “Denny” … Except it is obvious you are the same troll-boy commenting below.

    Give it up. You suck as a troll.

  8. One easy fix for the hijacked aliases: Require real screen names. But that would mean that commenters could be held ACCOUNTABLE! Gee, the same dweebs who want to hold state government officials accountable hide behind screen names?

  9. More corruption at Judicial Review Board.

    This explains how the Clown Car operated with such impunity. They knew that they had the Discoplinary Board and the Judicial Review Board in their pocket. It would be like a drug cartel who has paid off the police.

    BTW – has a grand jury been sworn in to investigate the MANY leaks from the Kane “investigation”?

    Kevin Sreele is going to have some explaining to do if he prosecutes ONE alleged leak by Kane and ignores the MANY by Fina & The Corbett Pervs. He should look at what happened to Seth Williams when he got into bed with Fina & The Corbett Pervs. Leave that crew for the Repervlicans!!!

  10. Verde: Although Castille is an asswad, the PA Supreme Ct was a mess long before he got there.

  11. Updated poll numbers:

    Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane?

    Yes – 46%
    No – 54%

  12. Eakin must be loving his old buddy Ron Castille right about now. In his zeal to end McCaffery,Castille opened up pandora’s box and now they can’t get it closed. Way to go Ron! You ruined the court with your bitterness and need to exact revenge on your political enemies and now the High court is a mess. What a legacy you left. Please go back to Florida and crawl back into your half empty bottle of scotch.

  13. Here are the poll numbers:

    Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane?

    Yes, it’s a legitimate method of investigation. (47%)
    No, the legislature should wait until her trial is over. (40%)
    No, the legislature should start impeachment proceedings instead. (13%)

  14. Well – if Ms. Kane is mentally ill then the State Senate does have authority to remove her. But it looks like they are wasting their time.

  15. Wait, every other newspaper around the state has reported the same dumbassery by our worst Attorney General ever, and each reached the same conclusion that she needs to go. So I guess we are on the right path. She’s mentally ill, just like anyone who thinks Kane’s troubles were caused by anyone other than Kane.

  16. We want Kane GONE. Pronto!!

    Make it happen, State Senate !!!

    Hurry op, too; before our “reporters” get EXPOSED. You know — the ones who have been in bed with Frank Fina this whole time.

  17. I just LOVE Kathleen Kane. I love her long hair and her attempt to look like a high school cheerleader. I love how her hard Scranton accent makes my ears bleed. I LOVE that she’s willing to break the law to make Fina look bad. I LOVE that she sleeps with a body guard and ruins her marriage. I LOVE that she’s a multi-tasker, even if none of the tasks involves running the OAG. Basically I HATE Fina, so I love Kane. Go Penn State!

  18. Methinks the barrister in Bucks County is a Republican!!

    Why would Kane merit a down arrow? Because a racist pervert with an axe to grind filed a lawsuit against her? PUH-LEASE.

    The missing down arrow is for Frank Fina – who thinks it’s OK to e-mails his W/M buds racist material. Graci should have a big, fat down arrow too. At least Eakin is in there WHERE HE BELONGS.

  19. Leave Katniss Kane alone she is doing the Best Job EVER of any AG in PA History , she is Burning down the House of corrupt Law Enfocrment and Judiciary in PA

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