11/15 Ups & Downs

Millions in taxpayer waste, more 2014 governor polling and the return of a prodigal congressman. Check out this week’s ups and downs.

Down ArrowDepartment of Public Welfare. In his first major audit, Eugene DePasquale targeted DPW, finding that the taxpayers spent an excess of $7 million due to poor management of the department. Following a transition between payroll providers in January, thousands of home care workers had to wait up to four months for their paychecks, which forced the elderly into more expensive care.

Up Arrow Down ArrowGovernor Corbett. It’s an unusual week when people are lining up to be friends with a governor which such low approval ratings, but the entire PA Republican congressional delegation is hosting a joint fundraiser for Corbett in Washington, D.C. It’s a strong show of party unity. The downside for the Guv? The Associated Press picked apart his assertion that the gas drilling industry is responsible for 200,000 PA jobs.

Up ArrowAllyson Schwartz. Harper Polling released the results of a hypothetical 6-way Democratic primary for governor and Schwartz topped the list. Schwartz took 22%, Katie McGinty 15%, Rob McCord 12%, John Hanger 7%, Ed Pawlowski 6% and Tom Wolf fell to last, at 5%. 34% remain undecided.

Down ArrowArt Halvorson. Rep. Bill Shuster’s (R-Blair) primary challenger took a hit this week when he was featured in a top story on Politico for failing to disclose several vacation homes on his financial reports. It got even worse for Halvorson when it was revealed that one of his waterfront homes would benefit from Shuster’s latest water projects bill.

Up ArrowTim Holden. The former congressman lost in the primary of 2012 after serving in the House for 20 years, but now he’s back. Holden was appointed to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board this week. He won his confirmation 48-0 for the four year term on the board.


Down ArrowObamacare. Everyone knew that the ACA website rollout was a debacle, but this week the enrollment numbers were released. Only 2,207 Pennsylvanians enrolled in the new exchanges, and nationwide, the number of enrollees fell devastatingly short of the administration’s projections.


Tweet of the week: Pat Meehan. There was no shortage of snarky tweets about poor Obamacare enrollment numbers. But the Delco Congressman won.


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3 thoughts on “11/15 Ups & Downs”

  1. PAINDY1 says:

    We need an UP arrow for the PAGOP WAR ON WOMEN. Former PAGOP MONTCO Chair Kerns proved the Republican War on Women was not a figment of Allyson Schwartz’s imagination. It is real deal, BABY!

  2. PA Politico says:

    Rep. Bill Shuster doesn’t live in or represent Allegheny County…

  3. suburb says:

    seriously bob kerns does not get a down arrow this week. the rep chairman of the 3rd largest county in the state is accused of sexual assault and nothing on politcspa.

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