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11/21 Ups & Downs

Chairmanships, misstatements and mayoral announcements. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Charlie Dent. It was a big week of promotions for Rep. Dent. With a new Congress set to convene in January, some committee assignments were doled out this week. Congressman Dent was named the new Chairman of the House Ethics Committee, which enforces the legislature’s standards of conduct. He also scored the chairmanship of the House Appropriations Military Construction and Veterans Affair Subcommittee. That’s quite a way to cap off your first ten years in Congress.


Down ArrowKathleen Kane. The Attorney General gave an interview to CNN on Tuesday in which she indicated that some of the emails involved in “porngate” included photos of children. First, her attorney Lanny Davis seemed to contradict her. Next, her office backtracked. Then, her spokeswoman backtracked from the backtrack. This has become a bit of a pattern with Kane. Remember when she said Jerry Sandusky had abused two victims during the investigation when there was no solid evidence of that? We’ve written about Kane’s issues with the press before. Increasingly, her verbal mistakes look less like isolated incidents and more like a habitual trend. This should worry the AG because the “gaffe-prone” label is among the hardest to shake in politics.

Up Arrow1Lynne Abraham & Ken Trujillo. These two Democratic candidates for Mayor of Philadelphia each stood out this week. Abraham finally officially entered the race and earned some strong positive reviews of her announcement. Meanwhile, Ken Trujillo got a big boost when former Governor and Mayor of Philadelphia Ed Rendell hosted an event for him. The lunch was more of a networking opportunity and Rendell didn’t endorse anyone but the exposure will undoubtedly benefit Trujillo.


Down ArrowAnthony Williams. State Senator Anthony Williams, however, had a more difficult time as he must deal with the double-edged nature of being the front-runner. Williams formally tossed his hat in the ring the same night as Abraham and she might have taken a bit of the attention away from him. Additionally, since Williams is considered the most likely candidate to win, his maiden event received more scrutiny. It’s lonely at the top but Sen. Williams will have to find the right balance in order to stay there.


The tweet of the week goes to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Salena Zito and her reaction to the Attorney General’s relationship with the English language.

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