11/30 Ups & Downs

It’s been a good week for Pa.’s GOP congressional delegation overall, plus a few others. See who made progress and who fell behind.

Meanwhile, don’t miss PoliticsPA’s list of Top Political Operatives.

Bill Shuster. Like Father, like son. The Congressman from Altoona will follow in his father’s footsteps and take the gavel of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. It’s also good news for Pa. His father Bud Shuster served as chairman for 6 years.

State House Dems. Getting Rep. Joe Brennan off the ballot may have helped the Dems save a seat, but the decision to hire him to work for the caucus reeks of deal-making. This is a down arrow for optics. There’s no good way to hire an outgoing lawmaker who’s been charged with assaulting his wife and driving drunk.

Todd Platts. The Republican congressman is ending his tenure after 6 terms, but not before the President signed into law one of Platts’ longstanding legislative priorities. The bill protects whistleblowers who report government waste, fraud or abuse.

Bishop Zubik. The Catholic case against Obamacare’s Health and Human Services mandate was dealt a blow in court this week (albeit a temporary one), when a federal judge ruled that the Diocese of Pittsburgh doesn’t have the legal standing to challenge it. That’s because, he ruled, they can’t show that they’ve been materially impacted by it. But don’t think we’ve heard the last of this case.

Keith Rothfus. The number one prospective Democratic challenger to the Congressman-elect, Jason Altmire, is essentially taking a pass on a 2014 run. The outdoing Democrat took a government affairs (read: lobbying) job with a Florida health insurer, and he’ll be based in Jacksonville.

Tweet of the Week:

Have you read John Baer’s book? If not, you can get it on Amazon.com where, as Senate GOP staffer Erik Arneson notes, it has a somewhat interesting rank.

Pennsylvania political writer John Baer’s book is #66666 on Amazon. The mark of the Super-Beast? twitter.com/erikarneson/st…

— Erik Arneson (@erikarneson) November 28, 2012


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  1. Rex says:

    A) Every article that is posted on here, you post the link to that website. The website looks like it was made by an 8th grader in 1999, and attacks someone who already lost. Beat dead horses much?
    B) The amount to which you post that makes me wonder if you are indeed a democrat, or simply attempting to give yourself credibility as a Critz-basher. Those who attack from darkness rarely bathe in the light, darling.

  2. Gary C. says:

    [Comment removed for violation of comment policy]

  3. democratic gal says:

    Rothfus will have an even easier win against Critz as more people read the site about Critz ignoring rape!


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