11/4 Ups & Downs

Polls, rallies and gaffes. See who made this week’s list!

Up ArrowHillary Clinton. In the past week, six polls have been released testing the presidential contest in Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton lead in all six. CBS/YouGov, Franklin & Marshall, CNN, Monmouth, Susquehanna and Quinnipiac showed her with leads of eight, eleven, four, four, two and five points respectively. The former Secretary of State will also make three stops in the Keystone State before Tuesday, including a stop in Pittsburgh today and Katy Perry’s GOTV concert in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Finally, we learned that Monday night will feature a mammoth rally in Philly with Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton being joined by Barack and Michelle Obama. Nothing is certain but you’d rather be Clinton right now when it comes to Pennsylvania’s twenty electoral votes.

Down ArrowPat Toomey. Speaking of polls, Senator Toomey had a brutal week. Those same surveys showed the Senator down three, twelve, five, three, six and one points. On Thursday he was grilled on TV about whether he supports Trump, a decision he has still yet to make. Worst of all, as Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight noted, his race is a national outlier that is drifting away from the Republicans as other contest tighten. Everyone expected Toomey to have a tough race, few anticipated he would be the underdog going into the homestretch.


Up ArrowJoe Biden. The Scranton native is all over Pennsylvania in this final week before the election. The Vice President will be campaigning in Pittsburgh and Bucks County on Saturday. In fact, he cut a TV ad for PA-8 Democratic nominee Steve Santarsiero (Bucks makes up most of the 8th District). Then on Sunday, he’ll be holding events in Harrisburg and his birth-town Scranton. Additionally Katie McGinty, who Biden also did a TV spot for, will be accompanying the VP all weekend. His career may be ending but the Vice President is not going out quietly.


Down ArrowMarty Flynn. Every election season someone comes out of nowhere and does something extremely stupid. As depressing as it is to see our public officials commit these errors, we’d be lying if they didn’t provide some much-needed levity. State Rep. Marty Flynn recently walked into a meeting with the Scranton Times-Tribune editorial board and fell flat on his face. According to the Times-Tribune, Rep. Flynn had difficulty naming any goals for the next term. He even bragged about how sitting on the Insurance Committee helps you fundraise. Points for honesty I guess.


Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. We’re up to week twenty-one.





The tweet of the week goes to Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer. Here’s a shoutout to Tom Kuhler for becoming the unfortunate victim of our meme culture.

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  3. Drop the Papenfus nonsense. You’re arguing with the garbageman. You only add nutrients to his narcissistic garden by characterizing a kerfuffle as something like the Iran Hostage Drama.

  4. Come on easy on Marty the Hammer Flynn he just bought a house and had a buffalo chicken hoagie that day. )

  5. USE YOUR (DICK)HEAD: isn’t that what you were saying when Kathleen Kane was elected? How’d that work out for you? And Shapiro has even less experience than Kane had!

  6. GOP is in trouble when Shapiro becomes AG!! He coming after the Senators and Staff that abuse the system, the GOOD OLD BOYS club is in trouble now!!!

  7. Y’know, Tim, politics is the art of persuasion, and you don’t persuade others to agree with your line of reasoning by spouting stuff that is as dumb as a box of rocks. I heard Obama speak out on black-on-black crime at a conference in DC. So he did say a word. Now, it is arguable that he did nothing. But it is not arguable that he did not say a word. Kindly get your facts straight.

  8. Be sure to vote for Marty Flynn too. He is a good Democrat who has helped protect us from criminals like name stealers and fraudsters.

  9. Obamas (both) are going to be instrumental in making sure Trump does not become President.

    Obama is not only one of the best modern Presidents, he is also a popular and iconic individuals ever to serve in Washington.

    Most Americans would love a third Obama term. We will get the next best thing – Hillary Clinton. And she will win in a landslide.

  10. Too bad Obama will be remembered as a failed president who obstructed justice along with his attorney general, Loretta Lynch in the Hillary Clinton probe. Also under Obama, black unemployment doubled and black on black murder sky rocketed. He did NOTHING to address these two issues. He never said a word about either of these things. EVER. Obamacare is unaffordable, the premiums are skyrocketing and the deductibles are through the roof, yet they still defend it as their hallmark legislation. They never bothered to fix it either. So sure they can have a big send off for Crooked Hillary Monday night in Filthadelphia, but when she is indicted by a grand jury and Obama and Lynch are brought up on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, well, they won’t seem so wholesome and all American then will they? They’ll get theirs, it’s just a matter of time. Me, I’m backing Trump-Pence!

  11. People think Kathleen Kane is the stupidest person in Pa, but Flynn is not far behind…..just give him time and he will get caught up in an FBI sting operation soon.

    Kane and Flynn are from Scranton. Kathleen was from the West Side of Scranton (aka-west slimers)

  12. Marty Flynn is a Democrat and former prison guard. Not exactly the brightest bulb in the box. And being a Scranton Democrat puts him at a very high likelihood of being charged with felony bribery sometime soon.

  13. freedom – Beemer will continue to protect his pals.

    No one really cares about Kane anymore. She’s out. But there are still racists and sexists hiding out in State Government.

    There are people who may have been treated unfairly by prosecutors/judges who were part of a sick “club” where they made fun of minorities …. and homosexuals …. and immigrants …. and then turned around and handled cases together.

    Gansler Report needs to be made public. And I am not talking about Beemer’s sanitized version.

  14. interesting how the House committee is holding the impeachment findings and the AG’s is holding the porn emails until after the election.

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