12/8 Ups & Downs

Metcalfe becomes a national story, McNeill wins the 133rd special election, Toomey is named to the conference committee for the tax reform bill, Pennsylvania’s credit score gets a bit of good news, and southeast Republicans have an uphill battle for 2018.  See who made this week’s Ups & Downs!

Down Arrow Daryl Metcalfe.  During a meeting of the State Government Committee, Metcalfe became a national laughingstock when he said “I don’t like men as you might, but stop touching me all the time” among other comments about homosexuals and Democrats.  Metcalfe has regularly made headlines across the state for comments he has made, but this most recent comments resulted in calls for his removal from the chairmanship of the committee and gained traction in national news outlets.


Jeanne McNeill.  Jeanne McNeill won the special election in the 133rd state Hosue district.  McNeill said she will focus on the opioid crisis, and helping those with special needs. The seat was her late husband’s seat.  


Pennsylvania’s Credit Score.  In its newly released credit rankings, Fitch Rating maintained Pennsylvania’s credit ratings, but upgraded it from “rating watch negative” to “negative outlook” meaning a downgrade was not likely imminent.  


Pat Toomey.  Senator Pat Toomey was named to the tax reform conference committee in a show of respect by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and boosting Toomey’s influence on the bill he was a major public proponent of.  

Down Arrow Valerie Kean Staab.  Valerie Kean Staab, a senior advisor to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party stepped down from her position in the party after her comments on Facebook about women accusing others of sexual assault became public.  Staab wrote multiple comments, including “These omg he touched my ass bulls— has to stop.”

Down Arrow

Southeast Republicans.  Southeast Republicans will have to work hard to defend a newly open seat with the retirement of Harry Lewis.  Lewis’ district was the was won by Clinton in 2016 by 24 points, the most of any state House district controlled by a Republican, setting up a major showdown in the district for 2018.  


Pa. Unemployment Compensation Program.  The state House passed funding for the program, that has had increasing wait times and busy signals for callers looking to sign up for benefits, for the next four years.  The program is still working to recover from when its funding was cut last year, causing three centers to close, and 500 employees to be laid off.  


Popcorn. It’s gonna be an interesting week in Harrisburg.

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The tweet of the week goes to Patriot News reporter Jan Murphy for her comment on the Inquirer and Post-Gazette’s cooperative agreement, and Angela Couloumbis and Liz Navratil’s partnership.

6 Responses

  1. I cannot see how Daryl Metcalfe can remain in a leadership position in the house when the Speaker is running for Governor. His continuing presence in a position of authority after that rant that had nothing to do with the topic at hand is an affront to all Pennsylvanians. If the one and only Daryl Metcalfe remains in leadership then this can well be a legitimate political issue in the Gov race. By the way, if Daryl Metcalfe has such an issue with human touch (odd hang up for someone in politics where back slapping and hand shaking are routine)–it would have been far more respectful to talk to Rep Bradford on the side and tell him to not touch. This Metcalfe babble was not complimentary to Pennsylvania leaders.

  2. Valerie Kean Staab was a voice of reason and should have stayed in place. These hysterical women who define sexual assault as a touch on the ass or an attempted kiss without getting a signed affidavit of permission first should all be forced to wear a sign reading “Do not touch. I am frigid and paranoid.”

  3. Nothing says “PA is open for business and welcomes all comers!” quite like Metcalfe’s nonsense.

  4. Daryl Metcalfe should vacate Pennsylbama and move to the real Alabama, where he will be deemed normal (as long as he likes young girls).

  5. Philly Politico is wrong. Hillary got 48% in martina whites seat and 57% in Taylor’s. Harry lewis’s Seat is by far the most Dem seat held by the GOP. DiGeralmo’s and Miccarelli’s were also more Democratic performing in 2016 than Martina’s or Taylor’s.

  6. Lewis’ district was the was won by Clinton in 2016 by 24 votes, the most of any state House district controlled by a Republican, setting up a major showdown in the district for 2018.

    Do you mean 24 *points*? Clinton won John Taylor’s seat and Martina White’s by more.

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