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1/20 Ups & Downs

Ethics violations, jail and an inauguration. See who made this week’s Ups & Downs!

Down ArrowSeth Williams. Philadelphia’s District Attorney was hit with a record fine on Monday. Williams was docked $62,000 for ethics violations, specifically his unauthorized acceptance of gifts. This news led one of his opponents, prosecutor Joe Khan, to call for Williams’ resignation. Furthermore, Khan recently revealed his campaign’s sitting on $200K in cash. With a primary looming in May, 2017 is set to be a long year for Seth Williams.


Up Arrow1Ed Pawlowski. On the other hand, the Mayor of Allentown continues to somehow keep his political career alive. A year and a half after his office was raided by the FBI and he found out his best friend was an informant, Pawlowski is actually running for a fourth term. It takes a lot of gall to continue in the face of those odds. So, for this week at least, we’re giving him an up arrow.



Down ArrowChaka Fattah. There are many citizens despondent over the transfer of power set to take place at noon today. Count Congressman Chaka Fattah among them. Fattha’s grief, though, extends to the fact that President Obama did not grant him a last-minute pardon. As a result, his ten-year sentence for the dozens of crimes he committed will start on Wednesday.



Up ArrowDown ArrowBob Casey, Charlie Dent and Brian Fitzpatrick. It’s not often that a Democratic Senator and two Republican Congressman find themselves in the same boat. Nonetheless, this trio stuck their necks out in various ways this week. First, Dent and Fitzpatrick were among the tiny group of nine Republicans who voted against the budget resolution that included the repeal of Obamacare. Then, Senator Casey announced that he would vote against Trump’s picks for Attorney General, Education Secretary and EPA Administrator. It’s unclear whether these mavericks moves will prove beneficial or detrimental, especially considering the next occupant of the White House.

Up ArrowDonald Trump. You have to give him this, no one thought it was possible. Yet despite all the drama, insults, scandal and even the loss of the popular vote, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as America’s 45th President of the United States today. While some PA Democrats won’t be there, everyone is sure to be tuning in. After all, Trump cracked the code as to what the public really wants: entertainment.



The tweet of the week goes to New York Times’ TV critic James Poniewozik. So much can change in just a couple of years.

5 Responses

  1. Respect the Office of the President, yes. Respect DJT, no. He offers none and gets none.

  2. As a lifelong Democrat(52 years) and a tax paying American citizen, I point out that Donald J. Trump was duly elected president of the United States of America. We need to accept that. As Americans, we need to respect him and the office that he now holds. My hopes and prayers are with President Trump as he leads our nation for the next four years. Al Stuhl

  3. “After all, Trump cracked the code as to what the public really wants: entertainment.”

    Really? If there was any reason Trump was elected, it was not for entertainment. The public had soured on what passed for that from Obama long ago.

    From the start, Trump tapped into the American public’s resentment, anger, and concern for the future. Like his methods or not, he took them and ran with them, and won because of it. He’s deadly serious about it.

    For that at least, he certainly deserves his “up” arrow, and it’s quite likely you’ll see fit to give him more.

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