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12/14 Ups & Downs

See who had a good week and who didn’t as the Pa. Society hangover wears off and lawmakers work to finish up the year’s business.

Teri Adams. This down could go to anyone who seeks to politicize a tragedy like the one today in Connecticut. Right now, it’s Adams, the President of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association. Among words of condolence she posted about the shooting, she wrote, “This is symptomatic of what the LEFT has wrought.” Huh?

PA Independent. Online news services represent! The PA Indy has been on a tear this week including this gem about Department of Public Welfare Secretary Gary Alexander. Turns out he uses a state car to get to and from work – from his home in Rhode Island. The story was picked up by the AP and all around.

Tom Corbett. The Governor had a pragmatic week, just as he should as the toughest year yet of his tenure looms. He pleased labor unions and disappointed the GOP base when he dismissed the odds of a right-to-work in Pa. But he won the base right back when he rejected a state-based Obamacare health insurance exchange (albeit after being scooped by AFP). His practical rather than ideological line on the exchange helped weaken charges of partisanship.

Rob McCord. The Pa. Treasurer and prospective gubernatorial hopeful earned some headlines this week by challenging Corbett’s look at privatizing the Pa. lottery. And he got some good news when Rep. Allyson Schwartz was named the Finance Chair of the DCCC. She’s considering a run for Governor and being from SEPA would weaken McCord’s chances if she gets in. But the DCCC move explains her recent hire of top Pa. fundraising talent and makes a 2014 run less likely, leaving more room for him. Now all he has to worry about is Joe Sestak.

Pa. Society brawlers. The club at the W hotel is loud, hot, and crowded. After the all-day marathon of free drinks ends around 1am, Pa. residents are forced into the world of $9 NYC beers and $15 mixed drinks. But the tinderbox exploded this year, resulting in a bar fight between GOP operatives and a crowd of union guys. First of all, what GOP operatives would think it smart to tangle with union guys is beyond us. But in any case it was poor form on both sides.

Brian Sims. This.

Tweet of the week: Amy Worden of the Philadelphia Inquirer. She caught it – she noted that the conservative group Americans for Prosperity announced their congratulations on Corbett’s Obamacare decision before he announced it publicly.

Did Americans for Prosperity scoop #Corbett on ACA health exchange? Issues release applauding PA for nixing state exchange. No word from gov

— Amy Worden (@inkyamy) December 12, 2012

Facebook post of the week: Mark Scolforo of the Associated Press (and everyone else who posted this picture). This is the 2011-2012 Pa. Legislative Correspondents Association.

3 Responses

  1. So D. Miller impresses us that his mommy and daddy allow him to say the word “shit,” and implicitly condones the Rhode Island commute in the name of the tea party? What mastery of politics! Troglodyte.

  2. This site is getting more liberal by the second and therefore less relevant. First of all, Alexander has saved the taxpayers millions of dollars since he took office. Second of all, if you want to open up the discussion of travel on taxpayer’s dime, let’s look at Ed Rendell and his staff that cavorted overseas to do “studies” on the taxpayer dime. Let’s get real – Liberals love jumping on anyone who’s conservative and trying to be judicious with taxpayer dollars. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE MENTION THE FACT THAT ALEXANDER FOUND OUT THE PA TAXPAYERS WERE PAYING FOR BOWLING ALLIES, CHANDELIERS, HORSES, AND HOUSES FOR RENDELL’S GIRLFRIENDS? Why isn’t that a story? THUMBS DOWN TO THIS LIBERAL SHIT

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