12/18 Ups & Downs

Email revelations, legislative resignations and competitive elections. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. The Attorney General has faced a myriad of legal troubles over the last few months. Her primary defense during this time has been that she is the victim of powerful men seeking to protect themselves from revelations that they sent offensive and disgusting emails around their office. When it was revealed this week that Kane’s twin sister also distributed these messages and that the AG even received some of them, whatever political support Kane still had flew out the window. The entire issue of the emails (while worrisome in their own right) now appears to be merely a desperate attempt to distract attention from Kane’s own mistakes. It is impossible to see how any political officials could still defend her and the AG’s removal from office now seems to be a fait accompli.

Up ArrowSeth Williams. First off, Williams benefits just by the fact that Kane is once again the subject of scrutiny instead of him. The Philly DA also finally took steps to distance himself from Fina, issuing a mea culpa (it’s not insignificant that he is the first official involved in this mess to do so). Finally, State Rep. Louise Bishop pleaded no contest and resigned giving Williams another victory in the Philly sting investigation. Altogether, this was an unexpectedly good week for the DA.


Down ArrowLouise Bishop. Speaking of the State Representative, she definitely earned a down arrow this week. At first, it appeared that the long-time lawmaker and former radio host would fight the charges but eventually she threw in the towel. Her lawyer even abandoned the claim that the sting was racially motivated. It is a shame, though, to see a public servant bring themselves down over just a little bit of money.


Up ArrowScott Petri. This should’ve been a down week for the PA-8 candidate. After all, Dean Malik jumped into the GOP primary alongside Petri and Andrew Warren. Then the NRCC announced that Petri has been put “On the Radar”, the first step in their “Young Guns” program. He also got the endorsement of Bucks County native and ex-Governor Schweiker. Therefore, Petri has a great opportunity to win the invisible primary by convincing donors and elected officials that he is best suited to replace retiring Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

Up ArrowDown ArrowJohn Rafferty and Todd Stephens. Rafferty and Stephens are competing for the GOP nomination in the 2016 Attorney General race and their primary has the potential to be the most competitive of next year. On Tuesday, each man unveiled an endorsement. State Rep. Stephens scored the backing of the Allegheny County GOP Chair while State Sen. Rafferty won the endorsement of his former colleague Bob Robbins. On the bright side, each man has run a good campaign so far. On the other hand, though, the better they both do the more brutal their battle will be.

The tweet of the week goes to the Philadelphia Police Department. May the Force be with you.

12 Responses

  1. I know he was whimpering in Court like a little girl … but has Eakin resigned yet?

    These guys still don’t get it. Most normal people don’t laugh at racist e-mails. They are trying to convince themselves that their behavior is okay – simply because it is their behavior.

  2. HaHaHa needs to read the state and federal Constitutions. Creeps have a right to live and work among us. We tolerate exceptionalism — positive and negative. Sure state-owned computers shouldn’t be used for such crap. But it’s a “don’t DO that!” offense, not a fireable offense. You politically correct, holier than thou patronizing misanthropes will be judged by the standards you use to do your judging — and you will be found WANTING. HaHaHa should practice weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  3. Glad to see the Philly Bar Assn head call for a complete list of senders and their names and positions, as I have been doing for months. I’m sure his call will carry more weight.

  4. kraig, great snippet from that article:

    Granahan’s emails echoed similar themes. One displayed a photograph of a smiling woman with bruises on her eye and lip, with the caption “Domestic violence – because sometimes, you have to tell her more than once.”

    Another showed a black toddler wearing gold jewelry and clutching a stack of $100 bills.

    The message contained photographs of people in embarrassing moments, including one in which Queen Elizabeth II posed with a group of soldiers in kilts, one of them with his genitalia showing.

    While none of the emails made public contained pornography, others sent or received by Granahan found humor in lesbian sex, obesity, anorexia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Kane and her sister said in a statement that a team reviewed Granahan’s messages last year and found “no pornographic or offensive emails.”

    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/20151218_As_critics_decry_her_sister_s_emails__Kane_stands_firm_on_no_discipline.html#8xT5cVkmlXUysGYf.99

  5. BIG down arrow for Kane is richly deserved. She was sitting on her sister’s e-mails and only released them when there was pressure to do so.

    Williams, on the other hand, should not even be involved in this pissing match with the AG. It is petty, stupid, and not in his job description.

    Oh – and he still employs racist women-hating creeps that have alienated women and minorities. The fact that there may be other creeps doesn’t change that fact. 2 wrongs (or 82 wrongs) do not make a right.

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