1/23 Ups & Downs

Inauguration, resignation and very little legislation. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Tom Wolf. Well, this seems obvious. This week, Tom Wolf was inaugurated and became the 47th Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The time will come for decision-making and controversy (it might already have) but Tuesday was undoubtedly the man from York’s day. The new Governor is surely hoping for more up arrows than down arrows in the future.


Down ArrowKathleen Kane. Speaking of down arrows. Events hit a new low for the Attorney General this week when she actually had to utter the words “I won’t resign.” While Kane continues to protest her innocence, it has been confirmed that the grand jury did recommend charges against her. Now the State Supreme Court has issued a stay in the case, leaving the issue currently in limbo. This whole saga continues to hang over the AG’s head like the Sword of Damocles and her fortunes won’t turn around unless or until the case is dismissed.

Up Arrow1Anthony Williams. The State Senator, generally considered the front-runner in the Dem primary for Philly mayor, got a boost from the surprise withdrawal of Ken Trujillo from the race. Trujillo was an outsider with a large fortune who could’ve potentially been a wildcard. Furthermore, Trujillo’s hand-picked replacement took a pass on a run. The possibility still exists that others might still jump in, but the longer the state of the race is in flux the less time and resources challengers will have to focus on Williams.

Down ArrowPat Toomey. Pennsylvania’s Junior Senator got some distressing news this week. Public Policy Polling showed Toomey’s approval rating at just 28%. While the Senator has a four point lead over his likeliest (and previous) opponent, Joe Sestak, he tops out at 40%. In fact, in all the potential match-ups the Senator comes nowhere near the critical 50% threshold for an incumbent. Perhaps a strong 2015 from Sen. Toomey will prevent a difficult 2016, but as of this moment he looks to be facing a rough two-year battle ahead.

Up Arrow1Charlie Dent. Politicians are infamous for spin, talking points, and any other possible way of talking without expressing any actual thoughts or opinions. Congressman Charlie Dent, however, has apparently decided he’s had enough of that. Rep. Dent first showed his independent streak when he criticized his party during the government shutdown. This week, the Republican critiqued the House leadership’s legislative plans and Mitt Romney’s potential presidential bid. For our own journalistic sake, Congressman Dent, please keep talking frankly.

Any other week this self-referential post from Erik Arneson, after it was revealed Governor Wolf revoked his last-minute appointment from Governor Corbett, would win the tweet of the week award.

This “Throwback Thursday” tweet from the York County Dems, however, could not be denied.

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