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1776 Project Does An About-Face on Barletta

The 1776 Project, a political action committee devoted to reforming public education, has done a 180-degree turn on its support of Republican candidate for governor Lou Barletta.

The PAC, self-described as dedicated to electing school board members nationwide who want to reform our public education system by promoting patriotism and pride in American history, had previously listed Barletta under “supported candidates.”

The committee purchased media time to attack GOP primary rival Bill McSwain, calling him a “puppet” of Sen. Pat Toomey, while also calling him soft on crime after his stint as U.S. attorney in the Trump administration.

That was then. This is now.

The committee formed in February and is affiliated with a nonprofit called 1776 Project, Inc., which was incorporated in Pennsylvania according to the Department of State. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, as a so-called welfare group, it’s organized under a section of the tax code that doesn’t require it to reveal its donors.

The PAC is run out of Georgia and had $1.02 million cash on hand entering April. The group allocated $11,646 to Victory Text LLC in March for pro-Barletta “voter outreach.”

The committee rails against critical race theory on its website

“Activists, scholars, and politicians are currently attempting to socially engineer our society and its relation to race, racism, and power. Their political ideology known as Critical Race Theory or Anti-Racism should not be confused with the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr., or any form of tolerance. They believe we need to undo the cornerstones of American society including classical liberalism, legal reasoning, and capitalism in order to promote their version of cultural Marxism based on race rather than class.

It is up to us to fight their agenda in every school board election where this theory is tolerated, promoted, and forced upon America’s children.”

Barletta was the first statewide or federal candidate in Pennsylvania to sign the “1776 Pledge to Save Our Schools.” Governors such as South Dakota’s Kristi Noem and Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin had previously signed.

It is unclear what may have caused the falling out, as candidates nor the PAC are commenting.


Update: edited to reflect 180-degree turn versus 360-degree turn.


19 Responses

  1. This discussion doesn’t matter. Mastriano can’t win in the fall – he gives Shapiro the race that Terry McAuliffe wanted in VA last year. Lou, a nice guy, little depth, can’t win. McSwain imploded, can’t win. Leaves Dave White, pretty much unknown with a great back story and good campaign. Jake Corman gets an atta’ boy for showing late signs of a campaign that finally says something – however says much too little much too late.

  2. It’s obvious they are trying to curry favor with Mastriano who will be the R Gov nominee and will lose big.

  3. Mastriano has a solid platform on education. Day 1 of his administration CRT is banned, transgender junk gone, +school choice, funding students not schools. Athletes will complete with their biological gender only.

    1. He can’t do all that stuff. Education is more than just state mandates.

      This is how dumb he and your followers are. You do not understand how government works.

      1. Lotsa stuff can be accomplished via executive orders; other proposals would presumably be well-received by a GOP-majority legislature.

        1. Uh. No. The state Supreme Court would hear challenges from school boards, interests groups, etc. Local school boards decide many of those issues, and the federal government dept of education… remember them?

    2. Big supporter of government mandates and executives orders, are you? Stupid C*nt

  4. They want to be on Mastriano’s good side. They did not embrace McSwain and only criticized Lou. I guess they are getting ready to have an “open house” for Mastriano after Election Day this month.

    1. Which is dumb, because Mastriano can’t win in the general election. Who gives a crap what he thinks except his cult followers…

  5. the proper reference would be a “180” rather than a “360”
    the former is a flip whereas the atter shows no change

  6. I saw an Ohio voter asked on TV about Biden. He said he did not like Biden as a person, but liked Biden’s policies. What policies? He has no policy other than self-enrichment. Reporters who fail to ask the follow-up that a voter name the Biden policies he likes is committing journalistic malpractice.

    1. imposter post obviously. You can tell by the stupidity of content, as it was copied from my post about Trump. The imposter is so dumb that he cannot even think of his own theme.

    2. imposter reply obviously. You can tell by the stupidity of content, as it was copied from my post about Biden. The imposter is so dumb that he cannot even think of his own theme. Stupid moron

  7. The Greater Hazleton Area School District, the town where Lou was mayor, has one of the worst education records in PA. Education and Lou aren’t words that one often puts in the same sentence.

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